Life is good!

Life is good!
If you had never had any dramatic happening in your life, probably you would not notice “life is good”. When you have good times you maybe feel happy. When you get something you wanted so badly, you are happy….. But those are no what I mean.
There were twice I feel “life is good” in my 80 years life.
40 of 50 years ago, the most common transportation were bikes and motorbikes. Mine was a bike.
One day after work, I was riding on my bike to home. On the way I was almost home. I looked at the other side of the street, there was a huge picture advertising some new apartment will be finished and will be ready to move in on X day X month X year. The picture of the apartment was a special styli which I had never seen before. As my eyes were fixed on the ad. my bike’s front wheel went closer to the curb and lost its balance. My bike and me fall in the middle of street. As fast as a flash a motorbike behind me ran over me. I could feel something scratched over my head. I thought that was the wheel. I heard some fearful screech! It sounded so awful!
I struggled to sat up. the first thing I did was to touch my skull! That was a miracle! My skull was as solid as it was all the time! No blood on my hand!
A man’s voice talked to me: ” Are…..are you OK?” I stood up with his support. ” I think I am OK!”
A lady ran over to me hold my shoulder with wide opened eyes and said with a shiver voice: ” Oh my good heavens! I thought you were ran over by that motorbike!” She looked at the right side of my head and found a little bloody on my ear and behind my ear. The motorbike driver said to me: “You fell down so suddenly. I could not stop my engine neither turn left at that moment. There were cars coming behind me. If I did a terrible traffic accident would occurred. So I made a quick sharp turn wish that I would not ran over your head. I guess the kickstand scratched your head.”
All of a sudden, I just couldn’t help but thank my mother. She gave me a smaller sized head! Otherwise the kickstand could cut open my skull not just a little scratch!
After the motorbike driver picked up my bike’s One thing I found the frount fork of my bike was squelched. The wheel couldn’t move. I asked the motorbike rider took it to the bike shop to pull them straight. The rider was a very sweet young man. He pushed my bike and escorted me all the way home and keeping on asked me how did I feel? Is there anything he can do for me? He asked me for my phone number because he wanted check on me to see if everything is OK. He called me every day for about almost two weeks. I was OK.
But started from the third week, the rider stopped checking on me, My head started a kind hurting. Not sharp pain but it hurting continuously day and night. Nights were even worse. I could not lay down in bad at night. That would hurt more.
My youngest sister recommended me to visit a retired Army colonel who knew some kind of acupressure which was very different from the traditional way. It was told he had helped many people from pain. And it was free! Because he made a vow to a deity when he learned it.
Unbelievable! I visited the colonel only three times my headache stopped!
Oh my! You could never imagine how happy I was.