D-4 Accessory(two)

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When I was working on collecting all the information for this book, I recalled about those unique little animal head wish to include them in the book. I did have one but it was too small and I lost it. With remorse I called my sister-in-law, wishing that if she would have some. But the answer was no! Nevertheless, she’ll look for them.
Every one of the family in Taiwan even my second son went from Taipei to Taichung join the treasure hunt. They looked for everywhere. Nothing they found. While I was very depressed with disappointment I received my nephew’s email. He said he found some small animal heads pins by accident! While he was dusting a bookcase which he had dusted so many times. There was the bamboo waved turtle box
which belonged to his grand-mother. With love and respect he never thought of to open it. Since they almost turn the house up-side-down to look for those precious animal heads, would it be possiblly that grandmother had put them in here the box she usually to love very much? With a little guilty in his heart, he opened it. There he found them laying in a small plastic bag. Totally there were 11 pieces; 3 in pairs, and 8 single heads. My nephew took a picture of what he found attached with his email. What a discovery!
I asked my second son, David to take some individual pictures of each pin, which would show more of the beauty of them. And can be seen a better view of them. My son said while he was taken those pictures, the eyes of those animal heads were sparkling under the flush light! David was thinking and wondering: if it was not because of the flush light his grand-mother’s wisdom and unique skills will be hard to understand. Those treasures were almost 30 years old while those picture were taken. And they are the only ones in the world by now.
it’s a pity there was no instruction to tell us how to crochet those animal head. Hopefully through these pictures that may give some ideas of how those animal heads look like. You may use them as patters to crochet some handbags to give to your friends. Those unique handbags would be the only one of the kind of gift!
With the instruction of butterfly and rose, we, the children of Ho Lyan Yu Wen, wish that there will be crochet flowers blossoming all year long, and butterflies flying everywhere. What a beautiful world that will be! Thus will fulfilled our mother’s wish!
F Unveil the Methods of Crochet Everlasting Blossom is on the way!