The world is beautiful!

Image0004 Ever since the ambulance took me to the hospital, I was transferred from rooms to rooms. I had no chance to see the sky. I enjoy the blue sky. I love to watch the clouds moving. I always amazed at the brilliance of sunset………..
I’m sure there were windows in all those rooms I had stayed. But I could only see the hanging window curtains. it seemed that I had never thought of asking anyone to pull the curtains up for me.
I was struggling with sit up in bed.
The left side of my body was perfect when you look at it, but it was as soft as bread soaked with milk! Yet it’s feeling sensation was OK. If you pinch any part of the skin it really hurts! People had to put a lot of pillows on my left side to make me sit up. Even though my body could not keep up straight very long. I didn’t want to keep on ask people to put a dozen pillows on my left side to sit me up. I tried to hold on to the bed side rail to pull myself up. I didn’t know after how many days I tried and tried to sit up without much support. Finally, I made it!
I asked the nurse to put me in the wheelchair. I wanted to get out of bed. I wanted to go out of the room! Even for just a few minutes. Ha! That was not easy to transfer me from bed to the wheelchair. How could one lady to pick up a piece of 120-pound meat from a bed and put it into the chair! There were always two of them. After they dropped me into the chair they had to put belts on me. One on my lap one around my chest.
Probably you have never noticed why when you help a child to get up from the ground would so much easier than an elderly. it’s because the limbs of a child are strong plus his strong strength. With his own help and yours the task is light and easy. But for an elderly his strength worn out by age, he can’t help much instead you have to work harder, you can feel part of the elderly’s weight. But when you try to pick up a 120-pound helpless meat it means 120 pounds! That is what I was! I could hear: ” Wow! You are very heavy!” which I didn’t like at all!
The nurse pushed me out of the room. My room was not the whole world! There were other rooms with people in beds. I wished they could get out of bed like me.
We came to the community room.
Oh, My! What a big room with open windows! The daylight made the room so bright! Not like my room the lights were always on. You could hardly tell whether it’s day or night. The air in the community was so fresh and sweet!
I wanted to sit by a window. I wanted to see the outside world which I missed so badly! I was thrilled when I saw the hilltop far away over the houses, I saw trees, the blue sky patched with pieces of white clouds. Tears streamed down my cheeks. My heart said strongly:
“How beautiful the world is! I will go out to see more! I will!”


10 thoughts on “The world is beautiful!

    1. Arlene, it’s so happy to see you. I’m a kind of not myself these days! Peter, my husband just got ride of shingles. Poor thing! For an 83 years old man, it was hard!
      I’m still working on the very last chapter of my mother’s stories “Everlasting Blossoms”. (F. Unveil the Methods of Crochet Everlasting Blossom )
      Please pray for me and Peter. Wish every thing is getting from now.
      May God bless you and yours with good health and happiness! ❤ 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Sharon! I had the stroke 14 years ago. I think I get used to it now! Since the right side of my body works OK, that’s a blessing for me! Sometimes I do wish if my left hand could work again. But when I know through the story of “Everlasting Blossoms”, many people will not only get the method of crochet long lasting flowers and butterflies and also will get to know the life stories of my parents. It is a mollifier to me.
      From here you’ll see everything about the butterflies and rose.
      Hope to see your butterfly and rose soon!

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