Fruit Sticks







We are so lucky to have our new activity director, Aliona. She got all kinds of ideas. Last week we made the dream catcher. This week we made the fruit sticks. Each one of us was given a bowl of different colored fruits cut into small cubes. And also a paper plate and three sticks. She said : “If you need more sticks or fruits, come back and ask me for it.”

We were asked to have the darkest colored fruit at the very bottom. Then dark red, yellow, orange and red on the top.

OK! The purple colored grapes should be the first on the stick! But they were such cute little purple grapes! As soon as I poked the stick into it, the peel cracked! The white pulp showed!  That would not fit the rule! I had to poke another one. I think I had broken at least 3 of them until I made it. I was wondering why were they broke so easily? Maybe the stick was too big for the tiny grape! But why they were OK for my neighbors? Then I realized the small grapes were like littler rubber balls. They could not stay stable on the table. If I did not poke in the center, the grape rolling a little. When the stick went through it the peel on the side could not be expanded evenly and cracked. If I had another hand to hold the little ball from rolling, the stick poke into the center, the grape will not crack  because the peel expanded evenly!

Well! Anyway, crooked or straight, I made three short fruit stick! While others had sticks full of fruits!  I was very happy because I did what I could!

I brought them home with the leftover fruits.

Peter was very happy to see those fruits that we don’t have very often. Such as grapes even  their peels cracked! Because they were too sweet for us diabetes!

Well! Once in a blue moon! Enjoy it!!!



My dream catcher


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We had a craft teacher came to our apartment to teacher us how to make a dream catcher the other day. My neighbors and I were warmed up since we saw the notice a week ago.

  I have seen dream catchers before. Was wondered how did people make it? Today, I am going to make one!

On the table in our community room, the teacher displayed some colorful beads, strains, ribbons, dry grass and some big rings. She passed a big ring to each one of us and showed us how to rolled some dry grass around the ring until the dry grass covered the whole ring.

My Oh My! No wonder the teacher said, “to roll the grass around the ring could be the hardest part of the dream catcher!” With my only one hand to pull the grass around the ring is already not an easy task. Even I used pins to fasten the ring on the cork board.  But the grass rolled on the ring would not stay in their place! It kept on getting loose! I have to tighten the grass every now and then.

If I have another hand to hold on the grass that had rolled on the ring……………..

While my neighbors all started to weave the net, I was still struggling with the grass!

Finally! The ring was finished! You have never seen such an ugly dream catcher ring! The ends of the grass stuck out everywhere from the ring! I cut off those grass end but the ring was not smooth at all! It was just as ugly as it could be!

I saw some of my neighbors with their dream catcher in their hand. With a big smiling on their faces.  Walked out of the room proudly.

The room temperature rose up on me, I took off my jacket!

I will finish it! I won’t give up! No matter what!

“Never give up! Never Surrender!”—Who said that?

The clock on the wall said 3:30! I was fighting with this dream catcher for an hour and a half now! I was the only one and the teacher in the community room!

Who cares! My dream was done!!!!

Even it doesn’t look very nice, I love it! My very own Dream Catcher!

I think it is beautiful!