Jasmines’ story

A. Jasmine

Jasmine, a newly college graduate, began her employment as young freshmen. She was quiet, youthful, and had soft and shiny hair. Black like obsidian, yet it curls naturally hence no need for her to perm. She loved to comb her hair, keeping it neat and tied it up in a ponytail that hangs behind her head. Yet she would always find a few strand of hair hanging loosely down the sides of her face as if it was on purpose.

Her attire was simple, not being picky about how she dress. She wore whatever her mother made for her. Whether it was a tad small, loose or tight, it didn’t matter to her for, in the end, she always trusted in her mother’s skill. The college she graduated from was not of coed studies, it was an all girls college, which provided little to no chances for the girls to get acquainted with the boys. With her quiet personality, people at the office where she worked at took her approach as a serious and diligent girl in both speech and manners.

Jasmine worked under the inventory control management section at a big engineering construction corporation. Their recent project was  planning and constructing a newer modernized airport facility. Many smaller contractor companies came in and out of the office in order to submit their list of materials required pertaining their part of the project.

During a coffee break, Jasmine seldom joined other girls conversation, because the topics of fashion and dresses and/or Prince Charming was never of interest. Rather, she would enjoy a freshly brewed cup of jasmine tea while catching up on articles in the daily newspaper. One day on a typical coffee break, Jasmine was focused in; so concentrated on double checking the inventory control request form that she did not sense anyone approaching. Making sure she would go back to work on time, she raised her head and the next thing she knew was someone handing her a bouquet of beautiful roses. There she saw Lieutenant Donald, a mere translator for the company, smiling at her saying

“Here Jasmine, this bouquet of roses is for you!”

To Jasmine, it was such a serious insult.

“To think of doing such act in front of everyone in the office, how could he do this to me? How embarrassing!”

Her face tinted a subtle red, not because she was blushing, but in fact, she was very angry. At that point, she could not refrain from lashing out and expressing her anger. Her “quiet demeanor and formal manners” suddenly came off track. Enraged, she grabs the bouquet out from the young man’s hands; slamming the beautiful bouquet and destroying it into pieces. Buds from stems, petals from buds, all laid at rest dead on the floor.

She sat down burying her head into her arms and began to sob until the supervisor came to her and said: ” Don’t cry! Jasmine, you should be very proud of yourself! First of all, I wonder where did Lieutenant Donald get those nice roses at this time of the year? Secondly, he must be admiring you for a while. Today he mustered up all his courage to show you how much he adored you! It’s OK! If you don’t like him just forget about the incident today. If you think he is OK, then when he comes back to you again……”  When Jasmine heard this, she jumped up on her feet about to shout out; but to her supervisor……., she swallowed everything and tried to cool herself down with some deep breathing.
After the incident, Jasmine went to the movie with her father one day.  Sometimes they whispered  to each other when the movie was on. What  a  coincidence!  Lieutenant Donald happened to sit  in front of them. He peeked back and saw Jasmine sitting with a gentleman and saw they were whispering with each other! At the end of the movie, as soon as the lights were on, Lieutenant Donald turned around and facing Jasmine. Pointed at her as if he had caught a child who  was being naughty! And said: ” Ah! Jasmine!”
Jasmine said with a lovely smile rather mischievously: “Dad, This is Lieutenant Donald, the translator in our office!”
Lieutenant Donald’s face turned red all the way down to his neck!
Jasmine hold her father’s arm proudly and happily leave that poor young guy behind!

—to be continued—


11 thoughts on “Jasmines’ story

  1. Looking forward to the next part of the story 😊. For some reason I couldn’t reply to the comments you left about my flowers so I shall say it here. They don’t have much of a smell but they are very pretty and delicate. Forget-me-nots symbolize true love, hope, and memories. During Victorian times they were used at funerals as a sign that the loved one would not be forgotten. This makes them more special. Some people say they’re weeds but we love them in our garden and encourage them to spread. x

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    1. Forget-me-not would never be weeds to me. I love them! I had some in my garden long time. Now, I can’t even take care of myself. Many of my potted plants quite on me……..

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      1. Oh Myra I’m so sorry for your loss and to lose your younger brother is very hard and I’m sure you will have many good and bad days in the coming months. Good as you remember the times you spent together and sadness at the loss of contact moving forward.. Allow yourself time to remember – don’t rush… I send you many Angel Blessings and although I wrote Magical Moonbeams in memory of my mum, many of the words still apply – it may help to think of your brother watching from his own magical moonbeam… Thinking of you with love xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m so pleased to bring just a tiny bit of comfort to you at this very sad time…I’m sure the Angels will be looking down at your shining light that you are sending out to the World around you. xx

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