Christmas party

The last day before Christmas and New Year holidays, there was a big surprise party for all the employees in Jasmine’s office. When people got off the shuttle bus, they heard Christmas carols coming from the office. They thought: “Well! Tis the season!” But when they stepped into the office they thought they had stepped into the wrong room! It was a ballroom!  Decorated with all kinds of Christmas ornaments and a big Christmas tree in the corner standing cheerfully. No one ever told them there will be a party today. All they knew was each one of them should bring a gift to work today. There will be a gifts exchange at lunch break. If they knew there will be a party, they would wear their party clothes. But…..
The office manager and  supervisor stood under the Christmas tree with a big smile. Supervisor told them to put their gifts under the tree while there were already two wrapped gifts laid on the floor with many envelopes around them.

Jasmine ,like the others, found an empty seat and sat down after she put her gift down.
The supervisor came to the middle of the room announced to them all:  There will be boxed Christmas lunch at noon. Around 3 o’clock the gifts they put under the Christmas tree will be handed out. Before they get on the shuttle bus,  the manager will call their names and pass out the envelopes which they had seen under the tree. Those were their bonuses!

” Hurrah!” Exclaimed everyone as soon as they heard his last word.

Music was on!  First, Manger and supervisor invited the ladies to dance. When the supervisor came to invite Jasmine, he had a ruler in his hand. He said: “Jasmine, may I have the honor to dance with you?” Jasmine stood up to accept the invitation. She stared at the ruler in her supervisor’s hand could not figure out  what was the role of the ruler?

After Jasmine put her hand on the  supervisor’s shoulder, quietly he used the ruler measured a ruler long distance between he and Jasmine and said: ” Now, we dance!” Jasmine could not help but laugh! She recalled the incident of the roses! She remembered after the supervisor said: ” if lieutenant Donald comes back again….” she jumped up on her feet and almost roar like an angry lion. She must be looked  awful at that moment!

— to be continued —


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