A new step to a new but old craft!


I thought I’ll never be able to tat anymore.

Until a few days ago, Jackie, Netting with Heart posted a video:” Needle Tatting” “https://www.pinterest.com/pin/12596073937598299/” It brought me some hope!

Right away I went to Michael’s and Beverley’s to look for tatting needles.  But all they have was big fat crochet needle! Anyway, I bought one.

With clamp and tweezers, I started TATTING! My heartbeats went faster!

When the very first circle was done, you can imagine how happy I was. Even it was just a small circle, it was the very first one I ever dreamed in 15 years after my stroke. I thought I would never be able to tat the rest of my life. Here I am, with a small circle I tatted. It was the very first big step of mine towards tatting dream again!

I took picture of ever step I tatted. They were my world records of tatting again. I want to keep  those happy moments of how I started my most favorite craft again, the craft I thought I’ll never be able to do anymore.








We all have had popcorns ever since we were kids. We stringed them to deck Christmas trees.

little girls love to string necklace, bracelets. Your movie would be more enjoyable with a bag of popcorn!

Boys may compete who throw farther with popcorns!

Corns can pop into all shapes. With your imagination, you could  see anything out of a popped corn!

But a Poodle……………?

Next time when you have some popcorns, don’t just put it into your mouth without thinking. Try to see you can find another poodle!

The cat on the roof


Our pet Lily, was a pretty smart and sentimental lady with a beautiful bush tail. It looked like a squirrel tail. When she walking it looked like a lady sweeping and dusting.

She  and Snow, my cat, were very good friends. When Lily was a puppy they slept together in the basket. Both of them could walked freely in and out the square hole that father cut for the Snow at the bottom of the door.

Lily grew so fast. Not long, only her head could squeeze through the hole. At daytime, Lily had no problem to do in and out the house. But after the door closed at night, Lily can only stick her head in the hole and whining. We have to open the door to let her in. As soon as the door opened, she would rush in and jump right into the basket where she always sleep with Snow. Her size was  a little too big for the little basket. My father and my two brothers build a dog house for her in the yard. But unexpected things happened. the very next morning, we found Snow was not in his basket. he was in the dog house. Ever since the dog house become “Dog and Cat House”!

One day, Snow left us to look for his new life and never came back. At the beginning. Lily was wondering all around the house to look for her buddy. She snuffed almost every single inch in and out of our home until there was not even a shadow of Snow could be found.  Whenever we mention Snow, Lily would jump up  looking around for Snow. she would walk  back slowly, sat down with her head laid on her front legs.

You can tell how smart Lily was. isn’t it? But she was not a smart mother!

Everybody was so happy that Lily had her very first baby puppy. The baby puppy was so tiny! I guess Lily took it as the same size as Snow. She used to put her head on Snow while sleep. One day my mother heard some weak squeaking came out from Lily’s house. She thought that was a mouse went into the doghouse until she found Lilly lade her head on top of that poor tiny creature.  Quickly my mother pulled the poor kitty out from Lily head.  Unfortunately, when the same thing happened again no body was around.

Lily was very sad. She couldn’t understand why my father took her baby away and never gave back to her.  She lost her appetite!

One day my baby brother found her a new born alley kitten. Lilly adopted it right away. She washed the new baby all over with her tongue and milked the hungry kitty. The picture was taken by my friend while they were visiting us one day. They thought the mother dog milking a baby kitten was such a sight they’ve never seen it before!

We noticed something different in Kitty as he was growing up. He could climbing up the tree but did know how to get down! Oftentimes we found him crying and trembling on the treetop, walk back and forth on the branch. Lily barking at him under the tree until my baby brother climb up and get him down!   One day, Kitty was crying on the roof of our house!  the tilt room was not like the tree branch. Kitty could not walk back and forth, his hair all sticking out, he rolled up  as a ball, cried the cry I had never heard before. The mother was barking and jumping!

The roof top was too high to reach. My baby brother had to run to the neighbor to borrow a ladder to get him down.

My mother said it was because Kitty had a dog mother, she couldn’t teacher Kitty as a cat did.


Chinese Knotting and Marami

(Macrame)Owl — back
(Chinese knot) fish — front
(Chinese Knot) fish — back
butterfly(new life)
The Eternal Wheel of life
(Chinese knot) There are two knots, the top one means ceiling or a safe. The lower one  is  a ball made of rolled silk, it could be for happiness blessing and love. But the combination of circle and square  means harmony.


Mona Lisa


I had never noticed that my eyebrows are any distinct from other people until one day…………………

That was almost 20 years ago. The Old Navy was newly opened in San Francisco, Ca. Our grandsons, Phil was 6 years old, and the younger one, Gabe  was about  one. We were wandering  around with the crowds in Old Navy. Window shopping! When we came to the third floor, Phil stopped at a  portraitist’s drawing stand. watching the portraitist drawing, he was just about to finished his piece for a lady. I peeked at the finishing picture, it looked very nice, looked just like that lady! I had never had a drew picture. Why not have one today? so I sat in the seat after that lady left.

I couldn’t see what the portraitist was drawing behind his stand, but I could see his arms were moving up and down, from left to right. Looked at me for a second and then went back working again.

After he worked for a few minutes, he stopped again. This time was not just a couple seconds he looked at me. He put his pencil in between his front teeth and stared at me quite puzzled.  Then he took the pencil out of his teeth, gave a strong knock on the drawing stand. With a mischievous smile and go back to work again. A few minutes later, he took the picture down from his drawing stand and handed it to me. It was me! I looked nice in it! I should say that was the best one I never had. I was very pleased with it. But……there was something there. I could not really tell. There was something in it!. As we were walking, Phil said: ” Nanny, let me see it.” I handed it to him. He looked at a picture , his little head slanting from left to right several times. Very displeased  he handed the picture back to me and said: “Granny! It doesn’t look you!” I was surprised to hear it!

“No? But I think it is very nice!” I banded down my back and showed the picture to Phil again.

“No! Granny! Look at here.” Phil’s little pointer pointed at the eyebrows. And said:”Look! It has eyebrows, but you don’t” His litter finger sliding  back and forth on my forehead where the eyebrow should be.

“What? Really?”

I turn to my daughter-in-law and said: “I’m going to use the lady’s room!”

There in the mirror, I saw me! Yes! Now I found that something unknown in that beautiful picture was my eyebrow. I do have some. But they were just too light and too thin! You have to look very close. Otherwise, You can hardly see!

That was why the poor portraitist was hard to decide what should he do about my eyebrows. He was smiling mischievously when he looked at me, it might because he thought “Wow! Here is the another Mona Lisa!”

Here is a copy of Mona Lisa’s picture at top of this page which I found from Google. Have you noticed the Mona Lisa had no eyebrows!

I’m so proud of myself to be another “Mona Lisa”!

This picture of mine was taken this morning.  Won’t agree with me?! Just a bit older!