A new step to a new but old craft!


I thought I’ll never be able to tat anymore.

Until a few days ago, Jackie, Netting with Heart posted a video:” Needle Tatting” “https://www.pinterest.com/pin/12596073937598299/” It brought me some hope!

Right away I went to Michael’s and Beverley’s to look for tatting needles.  But all they have was big fat crochet needle! Anyway, I bought one.

With clamp and tweezers, I started TATTING! My heartbeats went faster!

When the very first circle was done, you can imagine how happy I was. Even it was just a small circle, it was the very first one I ever dreamed in 15 years after my stroke. I thought I would never be able to tat the rest of my life. Here I am, with a small circle I tatted. It was the very first big step of mine towards tatting dream again!

I took picture of ever step I tatted. They were my world records of tatting again. I want to keep  those happy moments of how I started my most favorite craft again, the craft I thought I’ll never be able to do anymore.





33 thoughts on “A new step to a new but old craft!

    1. Than you so much for sharing that link. I’m trying to look for a tatting needle . But neither Michael’s nor Beverley’s carrying it. I can only tat with yarn. Well, with only hand it is good enough!

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      1. It’s my thrill to share your post of joy, Myra! 🙂
        Tried my needles and happen to have one with a large eye for fingering weight yarn that is also evenly slender for pulling the yarn tail through stitches. My technique’s not working out, yet… but I’ll keep trying until I can manage a decent sample. Then I’ll post a pic along with a reblog of this post… Well that’s my plan, anyway :-/ Wish you were here to guide me along! 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

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  1. You continue your truly inspirational journey through life Myra! How amazing that you’ve re-conquered this craft.. very well done and I’m inspired to re-try something from my past.. I’m going to think about some of the things I used to enjoy and haven’t found time to do for many years.. thank you for inspiring this feeling within me! I have some sad news about Kirsty – having taken her first step 3 weeks ago, last week she suffered another bad bleed on the brain and although she has survived, she is now waiting further surgery and has been taken back to square one. She keeps fighting though which hopefully will pull her through.. I shared your story with her before this event and hopefully we can share more of your inspiration with her in the near future.. x

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    1. Wendy, I’ll pray for Kirsty . May
      God walk through the most difficult time and grand her health back so she can take care of her little one again.
      I’m deeply touched by your comment! I’m so glade that you will pick up what you loved before, That will bring you true happiness as I do. I’m trying to tat a bookmark for my son. May be one for my grandson, who is in college. When the first one is done, I’ll show you.
      Wish me good luck !

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      1. Thanks so much Myra and I’m sure your prayers will help.. I look forward to seeing your tat bookmark – I bet it will look lovely! I wish you luck.. xx

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      2. Thank you! Wendy. I’m still working on it. It’s getting there. It may not be as beautiful and fancy as notewords’, but it is my key to another door of joy!

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      3. You’re welcome Myra.. You’ve inspired my latest post – take a peep. I hope you don’t mind – I used one of your beautiful blossoms in the pictures.. Thank you truly for your inspiration! You really have touched my heart xx


    1. Thank you very much for your visit, Tay. And thanks to Wendy’s writing also. I’m just writing with my heart and answering all the commends of readers’ with strait feelings! Please do come back and chat with with me again.

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    1. Connie, the tatting I’m working on is so much easier than shuttle tatting. I’m going to visit your blog to see some of your sewing. That must be great!
      Thank you for reblogged my page. It’s my great honor.


    1. Thank you for dropping in.
      I’m using these rings to form flowers and connect them together like a lace. I’m going to put it on my hat! It’s halfway done now!
      Please come back to see my pretty hat!

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