I’ll pick you up tonight


After the witch’s party, I went to check if there was any mail for me.

On my way , I met a grandmom  with her cute little granddaughter, was about 5 or 6 years old. I wush to hug her! She stared at me. Maybe she thought:”Wow! A witch!”

I smiled at her. She smiled back.

Then I asked her seriously:”Are you a girl today?”

“Yes! ” She said.

I smiled again:”Good! Wonderful! Would you like to be my helper?”

She said: “Yes”

I handed her a bag of candy. “Very good! Then, I’ll come to pick you up tonight.”

Her smile frozen on her little face.


Share Helena’s happiness



Helena, one of my neighbors, had never crochet before. But she wished to make her own blanket for her legs. She thinks an old lady should cover her legs when she sits and watching TV. It shows her dignity!h-3

Her niece was trying to teach her how to crochet.

Poor Helena! Chains had no problem with her. But those single crochets and double crochets……..!?

She spent the whole afternoon with her niece, struggled with  single crochets and double crochets. When she came home, Everything was gone!

She asked me if I could show her how to crochet. I can’t! With one hand to manage both hook and yarn at the same time? No way! I can only loom knitting. I was touched with her eagerness to have a homemade blanket! I introduced her loom knitting.  She never dreamed that it could that easy and fast to knit a  blanket! In just a few days she finished a beautiful blanket. Her very first blanket in her life! She was so happy and so proud of her work. I’m very proud and happy for her too.

I don’t have to tell you how many times Helena had to redo her piece due to her mistake. Though she  carried through to the end. I admire her spirit!



Spent almost 20 days  to finish these bookmarks for our two grandsons.

They are not as perfect and good looking as I thought, But I did it! Just as not perfect and pretty as I am.

I waved those bookmarks with my love and blessings

You may wonder how did I work on them with only one hand? Of course, I could not do with this Scotch tape stand and the cramp.



I’m sure the people who first made the Scotch tape stand and the cramp would never imagine what a great pleasure  those things could give an old handicap lady!

Thanks to them with big kisses and hugs!

Plate Mat!



Ever since I picked up tatting again, my heart is filled with zeal for tatting.

I promised our two grandsons that I’ll make a bookmark for each  of them. But it won’t be done very soon! Because I have to design it first!

To tat with thicker yarn is always so much easier for me. Besides, I don’t want to waste my beautiful thread while experimenting a design!

What do you think of this plate mat!?

Of course, I’ll prolong the design. It will be much thinner and smaller.

In my imagination, the bookmark should be pretty and look good!

Besides, no one would like to put a plate mat in the book!

OK! I’ll start to work on that bookmark.

My imaginary bookmark!

That’s My Guy!



We had a wonderful lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant that day.

After we got out of the bus walking closer to the main door of  St Mary’s Garden, Richard happened to be on his way out. He held the door for me. Peter was walking very slowly behind.  I was going to push the auto-opener for Peter. I heard Richard said : “Be behold! There is a guy behind you.” I knew Richard was still holding the door. I rolled away to make room for Peter to come in.

After Peter came in, I said to Richard, “Thank you, Richard. That’s my Guy!”

Richard looked a little surprised. He didn’t know that Peter is my husband! he showed me a thumb up and winked his eye at me!

My spirit was very high!  Not because of Richard’s thumb-up.

Peter had walked almost 10 blocks today!  The longest walk he ever had in almost 9 months. I ‘I didn’t care how much time we walked that 10 blocks. Peter did not take any break to sit in his walker while walking that day! That had never happened ever since he got rid of shingles last April.

May God bless him and keep him up like today always!

Mandalas Coloring

I don’t have much sense of coloring. Have no idea which color matches which color would look  better. Besides, [Coloring] is more like for kids! Until one day our Activity Manager Aliona sat a coloring hour for us.  I found great joy in coloring! It is not kids’ stuff only!

There were more than 10 residents signed up the class!  Very soon almost all of the coloring pens were taken. I grabbed the leftovers before they were all gone!

I choose the page of fish without much thinking.

When I about to start working on it , I was not too happy with those colors I had. I had them because there was no choice for me because the other colors were too soon to be taken! That’s all left for this old turtle could have!

As I began to color, I  noticed that many of the designs were similar and everyone was so exquisite. I must be very careful when I color them. Otherwise, the colors will be all mixed up. It could look awful.

I was so involved once I began coloring. Nothing could bother me at that moment at all! I was enjoying the working! And so happy about every achievement I did. Those colors worked perfectly! I was glad I have them!

After I finished the whole page, it looked nice!

I realized no matter what color you color a Mandela picture after you finished the whole thing, it will look good and unique!

But, if I have never taken the first step to try to color, the picture would always stay black and white. The beauty of colors will never show.

Thanks to Aliona!

Her class helped me to build up my confidence!

Her class taught me: [Have courage to “TRY”, always is the key to open a new door!]

The “KEY” is in my own hand!



What is that for?


When my very first tatting flower was almost finished, my caregiver asked me; “What is that for?” Suddenly I could not answer her question. She was right! What was it for? What could such a little tiny crochet thread flower for?

But I was drawn in my own happiness!

After all these years, I was a little disappointed with myself because with one hand I could not tatting anymore.  Here I am with a thread tatted flower in my hand!

What am I going to do with it? I asked myself.  It took only a few minutes to finish this little flower. Now it took me three hours working with so many tools.  I used tatting anywhere I went, now I must work at home!

To lace my clothes? No! I won’t do that. I can’t make even my own clothes anymore!

Noteword’s bookmark flashed through my mind. I knew it won’t be so easy. The thread may be tangled! But it is worth to try!  I knew I won’t tat one as beautiful and fancy as her piece! But whatever I tat, it will be my masterpiece!

Here is my half way finished bookmark!