What is that for?


When my very first tatting flower was almost finished, my caregiver asked me; “What is that for?” Suddenly I could not answer her question. She was right! What was it for? What could such a little tiny crochet thread flower for?

But I was drawn in my own happiness!

After all these years, I was a little disappointed with myself because with one hand I could not tatting anymore.  Here I am with a thread tatted flower in my hand!

What am I going to do with it? I asked myself.  It took only a few minutes to finish this little flower. Now it took me three hours working with so many tools.  I used tatting anywhere I went, now I must work at home!

To lace my clothes? No! I won’t do that. I can’t make even my own clothes anymore!

Noteword’s bookmark flashed through my mind. I knew it won’t be so easy. The thread may be tangled! But it is worth to try!  I knew I won’t tat one as beautiful and fancy as her piece! But whatever I tat, it will be my masterpiece!

Here is my half way finished bookmark!




14 thoughts on “What is that for?

  1. Ive just recently started tatting. And im hooked but im still stuck at whats that for…besides bookmarks en earrings and bracelets. ..whats it for? Your work is verry pretty.


    1. Oh! I’m really not quite sure! If years ago, when I was still able to make my own my own clothing, I may use it to decorate the pocket on my blouse.I was going to use as a bookmark, But it seams not quite suitable! For today, it may be a souvenir to remind me ” Never give up trying!”

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      1. Michael, I believe needle tatting is much easier to learn than crochet. I want to thank you for the question you asked me. It inspired me that I’ll tat a lace for my hat that I wear everyday when I go out! That will make my looking prettier! It doesn’t matter for an 80 year old little lady to look bright!
        Isn’t it? I’m not young any more. Sitting in a wheelchair, no matter what I wear it won’t make me look as good as a lady who can stand up and walk. But a pretty hat will make me feel happy and proud! Because the lace on the hat will be my master piece!
        Ha! Ha! Ha! ….. That will be quite a while later. I haven’t even finish my second bookmark yet! :))


    1. You are more than welcome. I tat when I was young. Since I had a stroke 15 years ago, I thought I would never be able to tat again. When I found out needle tatting, I was so happy ! Even needle tatting to a one handed person is not easy either! But my heart is pushing me!

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