Mandalas Coloring

I don’t have much sense of coloring. Have no idea which color matches which color would look  better. Besides, [Coloring] is more like for kids! Until one day our Activity Manager Aliona sat a coloring hour for us.  I found great joy in coloring! It is not kids’ stuff only!

There were more than 10 residents signed up the class!  Very soon almost all of the coloring pens were taken. I grabbed the leftovers before they were all gone!

I choose the page of fish without much thinking.

When I about to start working on it , I was not too happy with those colors I had. I had them because there was no choice for me because the other colors were too soon to be taken! That’s all left for this old turtle could have!

As I began to color, I  noticed that many of the designs were similar and everyone was so exquisite. I must be very careful when I color them. Otherwise, the colors will be all mixed up. It could look awful.

I was so involved once I began coloring. Nothing could bother me at that moment at all! I was enjoying the working! And so happy about every achievement I did. Those colors worked perfectly! I was glad I have them!

After I finished the whole page, it looked nice!

I realized no matter what color you color a Mandela picture after you finished the whole thing, it will look good and unique!

But, if I have never taken the first step to try to color, the picture would always stay black and white. The beauty of colors will never show.

Thanks to Aliona!

Her class helped me to build up my confidence!

Her class taught me: [Have courage to “TRY”, always is the key to open a new door!]

The “KEY” is in my own hand!