That’s My Guy!



We had a wonderful lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant that day.

After we got out of the bus walking closer to the main door of  St Mary’s Garden, Richard happened to be on his way out. He held the door for me. Peter was walking very slowly behind.  I was going to push the auto-opener for Peter. I heard Richard said : “Be behold! There is a guy behind you.” I knew Richard was still holding the door. I rolled away to make room for Peter to come in.

After Peter came in, I said to Richard, “Thank you, Richard. That’s my Guy!”

Richard looked a little surprised. He didn’t know that Peter is my husband! he showed me a thumb up and winked his eye at me!

My spirit was very high!  Not because of Richard’s thumb-up.

Peter had walked almost 10 blocks today!  The longest walk he ever had in almost 9 months. I ‘I didn’t care how much time we walked that 10 blocks. Peter did not take any break to sit in his walker while walking that day! That had never happened ever since he got rid of shingles last April.

May God bless him and keep him up like today always!


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