Spent almost 20 days  to finish these bookmarks for our two grandsons.

They are not as perfect and good looking as I thought, But I did it! Just as not perfect and pretty as I am.

I waved those bookmarks with my love and blessings

You may wonder how did I work on them with only one hand? Of course, I could not do with this Scotch tape stand and the cramp.



I’m sure the people who first made the Scotch tape stand and the cramp would never imagine what a great pleasure  those things could give an old handicap lady!

Thanks to them with big kisses and hugs!


6 thoughts on “Bookmarks

  1. You are an inspiration Myra. I hope your grandsons love the work you have done for them. Tools that make things easier are a blessing too. I think the Cramp is a “Clamp”. I hope you don’t mind me saying that.

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    1. Oh! My! Sweet Barbara! Thank you so much for showing me my wrong spelling! I really deeply appreciated.
      Tomorrow our grandsons will come to see us.I’ll handed to them.
      The red one will be our elder grandson’s, Phil. The yellow is for the younger one!


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