How to make a Christmas Wreath


Finally, I found the instruction of how to make a wreath for Christmas Wreath.  It tells step by step, very clearly and very easy to follow.  Never mind the Chinese instruction.  Just do as the pictures showed. You will make it. I guaranty!


















Practice # 2


To practice with yarn is not easy!  Too soft, hard to manage.

From now on, I’ll practice with thread. No, I mean tatting with thread! Every piece will not be just a practice but a masterpiece! “Practice” may keep me thinking “It’s just practicing!”  I may tat it a little carelessly.

But anyway, Peter thought it was beautiful!

He is always a sweetheart!



Fun with needle tatting


I was learning how to tatting a lace with YouTube.

When it was done, the whole thing looked like a mother turtle was taking her babies for a walk.

I thought it could be a meaningful bookmark. It may remind the reader:

It’s OK to read as slow as a turtle walking. But do not stop. As the turtle. You will get the reward.

The first turtle was the desire of reading.

The second one – Eyes.

The third one – Mind

The fourth one – Think.

But when I gave a second look, I thought I should not give it to anybody as a bookmark. Especially for my grandson! It’s only good for a sample piece.


Of course,  I didn’t mean it when I was tatting! It was a careless mistake.

But did you see the third turtle – Mind, was trying to run away with Think_?!

Autumn Leaves


Last Friday some of  my neighbors and I were playing  kindergarteners. But I was a pre-schooler!

We use dry autumn leaves as patterns to make prints on the paper.


My neighbors put paint on the leaf to make prints on the paper. They look great! I tried that way. But the leaf slipped. The prints came out awfully!  So I tried the other way around to put the leaf on the paper and hold with my water jar. Brush the color around it. It should have the uncolored white shadow show on the paper with the colored background. But what a mess was it!


Aliona asked me: “How is it, Myra?” I was very unhappy with mine. I said: “Not good at all!”  She said: “At least you did it! It looks not bad at all. There is more paper. Would you like to make another one? I can help you! It’s only 2;30.”


I said, “It’s OK!” If she is going to help me, that piece will not be mine.

I took it home. Peter saw it. He thought that was great!? I wasn’t really impressed with what he had said because whatever I brought back from the craft class, he always says:”Very good!”. So I through it onto the table carelessly! I was not pleased with my picture today.






This ugly one was mine!



An hour later I was playing with the computer, Peter came in with that ugly picture in his hand and talking to himself: “What a pity! Such a nice picture just though it on the table!”



He put it on the wall, his favorite corner next to his bed. And said: “Isn’t it a beautiful picture! Don’t you know how to appreciate it? That is a piece of real artwork! ”

I was touched!

I was always thinking of to change a new husband. But, now, I decided to stay with him until the end of the world!!