Once for all

I could not remember how many times I been in and out that chapel in a hospital. But it happened once, only once!

God came to me when I needed Him the Most.

That was about half year later after my stroke. I  was almost beaten by my disability.

That day, with a depressing and sad heart I rolled over to that chapel and pray.

There was no one else in the chapel when I went in. I parked my motor chair which I bought not long ago next to a chair. Slowly I transferred into that chair. The quietness made me felt God’s presence. Like a hurt child came to her parent. I bowed down my head and cried. At that very moment, how badly I wished if I could drop my kneels on the kneeler. Tears running down my checks. I couldn’t think of anything to say to God. Just keeping on saying “Our Father” and “Hail May”.

A young man came in when my tears were running. He walked to the Holy cabinet to put back the Holy Eucharist. A strong desire rose up in my heart. ” Go forth and ask for the Holy Communion!”

My eyes were fixed on his movements.  The young man closed the Holy Cabinet door and took the key out from his pocket. My! There was no time for me to give a second thought. Quickly I wiped off the tears from my face and struggling to stand up from the wooden chair. Some ugly squeaky noise came from the legs of the chair. That sweet young man turned around and facing me with wide opened eyes.

“Do you need any help?”

“No!” I said. ” But may I have Holy Communion?”

“Yes! ” briefly he answered. He bowed his head down before he opened the cabinet. After the door was open, he held the Holy Chalice with both hands and walked to me with steady steps.

My! Oh my! Jesus came to me! There was no word could describe the feelings I had the moment when Jesus was in me. I heard a tiny voice in my heart:

“Here I am, Myra!”

Indescribable Joy and happiness filled up my heart, my mind, my entire being! The feeling I had never had before.

That “once”, the only “once” is nourishing me until now, 15 years later, and the days to come!

He is with me.

Thanks to God.

Praise the Lord!