2. The Royle Pride

Yu Wen was born in Pei-Jing, China,1914. The beginning years of a new democratic government, The Republic of China. The glory of Ching Dynasty faded. There were many cultural or historical relics, rare treasures from Ching’s palace or homes of officials of Ching government flowed away to the market.

All the relatives of Mrs. Lyan’s were born with blue blood. One of them, Lord Jin Sz told Yu Wen a true story which she could never get over with. It was a downgrade lord who was so sensitive about his reputation.

One morning, Lord Jin Sz Yewas strolling with his bird’s cage along with a famous temple, Hu-Gwo-Sz in Pai-jing. There were all kinds of small business around the temple. stories, tea huts, and small restraints. People loved to hang around there, shopping, eating and chatting with people, acquaintances or strangers. To make a day fly-by with pleasure.

Jin Szn Ye walked into a tea hut for some breakfast. Sitting behind him, there was a poor tattered old jobless lord. It was very noisy at that tea hut; some were calling for the waiters to take orders, some were asking for the prices. Friends talking to each other across several tables. Birds twittering in their cages restlessly……. All of a sudden, he heard a loud slam coming from the table behind him. Someone shouted: “It’s too loud, Be silent!” Everybody stopped talking and turn around to look at the table behind him. Jin-Sz-Ye saw a jobless lord, standing at the table with his dignity. Even he was a jobless lord; he still is yesterdays majesty. The hut was as silent as the night. The people at the tea hut started eating or drinking quietly.

Jin Sz Ye stood up trying to calm the old man down. But he found out that the old jobless lord was wetting his pointer with his saliva from his mouth trying to pick up some sesames seeds which jumped out of the cracks in the table, due to the force of his slam.

That was a sad story. But to a little innocent girl, Yu Wen, around five or six years old, she could never understand the ways of the world. She thought the old jobless lord was so funny. She was even imitating his action, banging on the table and made lots of loud noise until Wang Ma stopped her.

But the royal pride deeply planted in Yu Wen blood. No matter in what kind of circumstances or situation, she was a princess.  As well as the old teachings:”The Three Obeys ” and “The Four Virtues”.


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