What do you see?

Can you tell me what do see here?

7 thoughts on “What do you see?

    1. I was very much intrigued too! One of my Facebook friend said she saw a tiger face. Another said it look like a picture of seismic detector!
      I thought I saw a Chinese Painting with lake, trees and people and some pavilions!
      I could not find the owner of the picture. It was abandoned on the sidewalk. I thought of to bring it home and frame it. But it was too big a piece and painted on a piece of heavy wood board.
      It is fascinating!

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      1. Wendy, One of my Facebook friend, an organic farmer, we been knowing each other almost 10 year from Yahoo Blog to Facebook, He thought Ii was a piece of old wood torn from a remodeling house! Those white lines were cracks of the paint! Maybe he hit the nail on the head!
        But I tried to touch the white lines. they do not feel like cracked paint.
        May be I should go back to see if it still there. I’ll rent a car to take it home. Frame it nicely Take it New York to a famous gallery. Lable it “Feng Shui”
        ($2,000,000) !!!……???…….

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      2. :)) :)) :)) ^v^
        Of course! Because you are with me all time. I’ll give you a half, $1,000,000. How does that sound?
        You know what? There were a whole lot of names given by my Facebook friends! —
        Disorderliness, Feng Shui, Frost Cracks, Piedness, Con Game……….
        I chose Feng Shui. To me “Feng Shui” is a con game!
        Ha! Ha! Ha!

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