The moon festival Story #2- Wu Gang Chopping the Laurel Tree

 Once upon a time, there was a man his name was Wu Gang. He was supervising the four Dragons at the four corners of the earth. He traveled from one corner to another corner. To check if the dragons are doing their jobs. The world is so huge, from one corner to the other would take about 3 months. To keep his schedule on time Wu Gang had to walk day and night without any stop.  Wu Gang had never had any break. The king in heave felt sorry for him. To reward him for his hard-working, the king in heaven gave Wu Gang a piece of pearl. If you hold the pearl in your hand and close your eyes and say: “Take me to- – -(just any place)” When you open your eyes, you will be right there!

Now, Wu Gang, have lots of time to rest, he became lazy and idle. Life became so boring to him.

One day Wu Gang walked into a Bar which he had never been before. He didn’t even know what kind of “water” the people were drinking there. The air inside the barfill with a kind oif strang order, smell strange. Wu Gang walked closer to the one who was drinking and find out the strange smell came from the cup.  He asked for one cup and tried. “Em!” He said to himself: “this water tasted a little sweet but spicy! Well! I like it!” So, he drank up the whole cup without stop! He Was standing at the table. Now he dropped into the chair!

People around him all laughed!  Some started to come closer to him and found he was a stranger. Some began to ask him such as: “where you from?”  “What kind of job you are doing?” Wu Gang told them he supervising and manages the four dragons on earth. He said, “Because they are too far away from each other. The king in heaven gave me a magic pearl. I just have to hold the magic pearl in my hand and close my eyes and say: “take me to the south dragon or take me the north dragon. When I open eyes, I’ll be right there! Now with the magic pearl, I don’t have to have that non-stopping walking anymore!” One of the crowd asked Wu Gang to show them the pearl. Wu Gang proudly took the precious pearl out of his pocket and showed to the crowd. A big strong hand came from nowhere. Quickly it grabbed the pearl and ran away like a flash. and vanished! Left Wu Gang behind. Stood there like a statue!.

After Wu Gang put himself together again. He thought of that non-stopping and tiresome traveling, he went to the king in heaven and bagged him. He said: ” Oh! Your Majesty! I am terribly sorry that I lost the pearl you gave me. Will you please give me another one? I promise I will take very, very good care of it. I will never lose it again.”

The king in heaven said to Wu Gang: “Okay! Here, the only and the last pearl I have.” He showed it to Wu Gang. He continued: “Come and follow me. Before you get it, you have to do something.” The king stepped down his throne and walked out of the palace. Wu Gang followed behind. Together they walked into the moon. There was a hole on the ground. Big enough to bury the pearl. The king in heaven dropped the only pearl into the hole. Right away the dirt covered the hole. a small Laurel tree grows out at the very spot. At a blink, the small tree grew into a big tree.

The king in heaven said to Wu Gang: “If you can chop the tree down you will get the pearl. “

Wu Gang began chopping. Strangely, whenever Wu Gang chopped one branch off the tree, quickly a new branch grew back. Wu Gang did not want to give up. Because he needed the pearl so bad. So he doesn’t give up. He kept on chopping and chopping. And the new branch keeping on growing back on, and on. Even until now, Wu Gang is still chopping! If you looked at the moon on a bright night. You can see there is a shadow of a tree, and if you look very carefully you may even see a small figure under the tree. That must be Wu Gang!

——-THE END!——–

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