The moon cake that no one share

Ever year, there is always a Tea Party at Mid-August Festival (Moon Festival). Moon cake is always the main course. One for each family!

Peter, my old pal always share with the moon cake with me. Both of us are Diabetes. As every one, who had moon cake would know how sweet they could be. It is not for Diabetes! but Peter was crazy about moon cakes! If I did not share it with him he could finish the whole moon cake in one minute! H had a pretty reasonable reason to have more! He said to me: “I should have more than you do, because look my size is much bigger than yours. It is okey to have more!” We always laugh together!

August in lunar calendar is the harvest season of the year. On the fifteenth night of August people give thanks to heaven for the blessings they received from heaven . 15 night is always a beautiful full moon. Besides give thanks to heaven for the blessings they received from heaven, it is also the reunion time for families as Christmas in Western Countries. So Mid-August Festival means “Reunion” to us as well. 

Now, Peter is gone. Not having the right person to share the moon cake with me, no more that unspoken laughter, Moon would never be “full” to me.