Inner Organ Exercise

My son always tells me, ” when you drink water do Anal movements at the same. It will be good for your health . Because when you do the Anal movements with abdominal breathing at the same time, You draw your inner organs upwards, When you lose the tension of the muscle of your abdominal, your inner organs go back down to their places, That is how you make your Inner organs do the exercise.

Due to my limited mobility, many exercises would not apply to me! But this Anal Movement and inner organs exercises are easy for me! Therefore each time when I drink water I try to remember do those two exercises. After about one month or so, My bowl movement getting much easier.

I found some very interesting thing happened when I drinking and doing the exercise. Especially with room temperature water. The water  stopped at my throat when inhale and draw in my abdominal. When I exhale the abdominal muscIe relaxed the water goes down, I can feel the coolness of the water stopped a little in my throat and then flowing down to my stomach slowly. It feels good!

At the same time when I swallow the water, I inhale and draw in my abdominal. My body Stretch a little upwards. The movement brought my inner organs include bladder and anus all going upwards. When I exhale the abdominal muscle relax all the inner organs went back down to their places. That is how my inner organs are doing the exercise. 

When I drink water without drawing in my stomach I don’t have much such kind of feeling! 

You may try it! It is very interesting! 

I realized why older Chinese say “Don’t drink iced water! It’s not good for your health.” Because our stomach is hot, suddenly put iced water in, the stomach is hard to adjust the temperature, if you drink iced water often, sooner or later, problems occurred. It would be much better to put a piece of ice in your mouth or have some ice cream, or popsicle. The cold liquid will go down a little bit, a little bit slower. Which make time for the stomach to adjust to the temperature slowly. 

 Do you agree with what the old people say?


3 thoughts on “Inner Organ Exercise

  1. I love ice cream! Which I should not have! Remember my son said; “If you really want to have something that means your body needs it! with his words in my head, I would sneak to Ikya to get a cone of ice cream. I would say to myself: “It’s OK to have some ice cream once in a blue moon!” The ice cream at Ikya taste Sooooo good! Soooo smooth! I just could not stop until I finish the last bit of the cone!
    Besides it’s only cost one dollar!


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