At the beginning of year of mouse

Today is Chinese New Year day, the year of Mouse.

In Chinese, the word mouse sounds the same as “count”. We wish people “countless blessings,”, “countless wealth” “countless happiness”, “countless smile …..

This year is my birth year, So this old mouse wishes you “countless blessings,”, “countless wealth” “countless happiness”, “countless smile”

Most of all, GOOD HEALTH!


What flower is this?

Passing by a flower shop, these flowers caught my eyes! undefined undefined undefined

They are so beautiful! I have never seen them before. Definitely, they not roses. The leaves are kale? The edge of the petals are jagged. But what are they?

The store-keeper told me they are “kale ornamental” I was amazed! I never thought kale blooms!

Asking for help!

Everlasting Blossoms. hand crocheted life like flower, finally found a place to show her beauty again!

May 9th to 10th, there will be a two-day exhibition at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, 2808 Lakeshore Av. Oakland,CA.

I think I should do some publicity to let more people to have a chance to see her besides our church congregation. But I have no idea where, o gegon witch!

I need your help to tell me what should I do!

Care free

This is me taken recently! The age reshaped me. But IT is me!

This is me, Myra, age of 84 this year(2020). This picture was taken 40 years ago when I was 40 !

Now, an old handicapped lady!

The stroke 19 years ago, put my left body to sleep ever since! Instead strike me down, it made my life happier in God’s care.

I love to learn new things. Like a curious child eager to learn! Internet is the most attraction!  Even I can only dance on the key board with a stick, I dance in and out my amazing new world all the time when I am at home. And my wheel chair carry me out doors the rest of my days.

It is a carefree new world to me after the stroke. Though my disabled left side shows my weakness. My disability taught me my limits. With my right hand I try to do things as much as I can. But still I can never be able to cut my right hand finger nails! As age increase mobility may affected. Who cares! That’s what happens to everyone! It is the time God tells us: “Slow down!”

On my new blog, you will hear my stories. Hope you will enjoy them!

Please give me comments, so I will know who is my friend. 

Man with Antlers


When I saw this picture popped out in one of the old article review posted on my face book. I was almost burst out in tears. That was taken almost four years ago when Peter and I were visiting the Academe of Science in San Francisco.

Since April 11th after Peter left me. Any of those old picture become priceless treasure to me. There was a story behind each picture. Especially this one!

When I looked at those pictures that day. Peter looked younger than me! Actually he is three years older than I am but always look younger than me!

Remembered when I was working St. Anne Chinese School, that was around 25 years ago. One day Peter came to pick me up after school. One of the teachers came to me and said: “Mrs. Chang, you’d better hurry. Your son come to pick you up.” Instead of my son, I saw Peter,my husband was standing by the car and weaving at me! After I got into the car beside Peter before he tarted the engine, I said to him,” Mrs.Deng told me my son is coming to pick up!” I looked at him and laughed! Then I said: “I don’t want to be your mother, I’m not qualified! but you may call me Auntie Myra’ ” He hold his fist as if he was going to punch on my nose. but his fit landed on my shoulder instead on my nose and hugged me. He whispered in my ear: ” Never mind what people say. You are always the same Myra as the day we stood in front of the altar in the church. The same Myra I kissed before God.”

Those two pictures we took in the exhibit room. I looked as an old witch! I put those two pictures away never showed him!

Look! Don’t you agree with me?

This picture was taken 40 yeas ago when we first immigrate to US.