Care free

This is me taken recently! The age reshaped me. But IT is me!

This is me, Myra, age of 84 this year(2020). This picture was taken 40 years ago when I was 40 !

Now, an old handicapped lady!

The stroke 19 years ago, put my left body to sleep ever since! Instead strike me down, it made my life happier in God’s care.

I love to learn new things. Like a curious child eager to learn! Internet is the most attraction!  Even I can only dance on the key board with a stick, I dance in and out my amazing new world all the time when I am at home. And my wheel chair carry me out doors the rest of my days.

It is a carefree new world to me after the stroke. Though my disabled left side shows my weakness. My disability taught me my limits. With my right hand I try to do things as much as I can. But still I can never be able to cut my right hand finger nails! As age increase mobility may affected. Who cares! That’s what happens to everyone! It is the time God tells us: “Slow down!”

On my new blog, you will hear my stories. Hope you will enjoy them!

Please give me comments, so I will know who is my friend. 


4 thoughts on “Care free

  1. I think you’re amazing Myra! Your positivity and fantastic outlook on maturing in age and dealing with the issues it can being are very inspiring. Strength of character and the special beauty a wise and positive spirit bring are ageless, and clearly keep you young at heart and in mind😀You are just as beautiful and special now as you were at 40 years!🥰


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