passion fruit plant 1

  • – – Passion fruit plant 2 will be one tomorrow – –

When I bought this plant Last July 2019 , It was only a 2 feet tall young guy! It was an unexpected discovery when I was window shopping in Oakland Chinatown. It was lined up with other plants on the sidewalk front of Chinese herb medicine store. The plant looked nice and green and health! From the shape of it’s leave, I can tell it’s a Passion flower. There are full of them on them on the east gable. When the flower are blossoming, the beauty of the flowers cut my eyes, One I was a little too early before the Mass. I wheeled close the to the gable. Stared at the flower. A familiar voice next to: “Do you what flower are they?” “ No! Father Jim.” I replied. “But they look so beautiful!” Fr JIM said,” YES! They are beautiful! It’s named “Passion flower!” “Passion flowers?” I questioned. “Yes! Look here, there are three stamens means the blessed Trinity, The five little dots means Jesus’ five wounds. These petals are the twelve Apostles!” I found there were only 11 petals on one of the flower! I Could not help to ask and pointed to father Jim,”Oh Father Jim, There are only 11 peta, the missing one must be Judas! Right?” Father Jim laughed!


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