Passion Fruit Plant 2

Before I move to the US, I live in Taiwan. There are lots of Passion fruit. You can buy it anywhere at a very low price. I love its special fragrance, its unique sweet and sour taste. Oh! I miss it so much!

In Chinese we call passion fruit “hundred fragrance fruit”! That is more suitable for the fruit!

I wish someday the computer not only can sand pictures and voice, it can pass the smell and tastes too! Then you will understand what I meant.

One day I was shopping at Berkeley Bowel. My eyes were caught by those fruits that I missed so much.  But the amount appeared on the price tag $6.40 a pound!? My hand froze in the air! But I can’t resist the temptation and picked up two. They cost me almost three dollars!

I was sure my two grandsons have never seen Passion fruit before. So, I brought these Hundred fragrance fruits to their home the next day.

I told them they are fruits! The younger one picked one and cried out loud,” Wow! It smells sooo good!” and ready to bite.

“Oh! No!” I yelled and grabbed the fruit out from his fat cute little hand! “you have to cut it in halves first, and dig the inside out with a spoon and eat, Since we have only two we can make Hundred Fragrance Fruit tea! Just add water and some honey to make hundred fragrance fruits tea and save the other one until your parents come home tonight.

The older grandson said smartly:” I see, so the name of this fruit is “hundred fragrance fruit”! I like it better than Passion Fruit!

After the tea was made, the two boys just could not wait to grab one cup. Before they drink it, I told them,” you can eat the seeds too. Chew them and tell me what you think?”

The first answer was: Smell sooo good! Very different! Tasted sweet and a little sour! The seeds are not hard but crunchy!

They drank the fruit tea very slowly. I am not sure wither they are really tasting the tea or they don’t want to finish it too soon!

Now I have my own Passion fruit vine and now started blooming and baring fruits! When harvest, each of them at least can have their own “hundred fragrance fruit” tea. Not three people share one Passion fruit!

my very first Passion Fruit!

There four baby ones hiding under or behind the leaves. They are too shy to show their faces!


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