A special birthday gift

2021 is the year of ox according to Chinese Lunar calendar.

My youngest grandson, Gabe was born in the year of Ox. And this year, 2021 is his second year of Ox in his life. Gabe is 24 years old and now I’m 85!

In his 3rd year of Ox, he’ll be 36,  I will 97!  ! By then, I’m not sure if I could even remember my own birthday! Don’t think about to make a birthday present out of my own hand! This Macrame Ox is the first one I  made, could be the last as well!

Maybe my dear friend who come to see me today , would like to pray for me , with God’s mercy, I will be able to make the 3rd ox, the 4th,5th…………..  



I made my own toy!

I enjoy macrame more than Chinese knotting!

COVID-19 Pandemic lock me up at home for more than a year. The days should be dark, boring and long. But macrame from youtube brighten my days and brought me joy!

Amazon supply all the materials I need. I follow the instruction of youtube macrame class, one by one, beautiful macrame stored into my macrame collection box,

This lovely turtle family was just finished today!

My youngest grandson loves the dark green and the small bright green turtles! He said they reminded him his kit’s days! He loved to ride and jumping on his big brother’s back! (his brother is 6 years older than him.)  He could kill his brother if he dose the same to him now! He grow taller and heavier than his brother!