about me


This is me, Myra Ho Chang.

14 years ago the stroke got me. The stroke put my left body into sleep ever since. My left leg and  foot now is half way awaken but my left arm and hand never wake up!

I was a Chinese School(after school classes) director for almost 20 years. Before my retirement  or I should say two month before my 65th birthday, the stroke forced me to an earlier retirement!

The stroke did not strike me down. But to tell the truth, I was very much depressed at the beginning!

I started to practice  typing with four finger. Even it was not easy to try to take over the job of the left hand, but now my fingers are dancing on the keyboard!  Many times they dumped on the wrong key! Checking back and retyping takes more time!  Who cares! For seniors “Time” is the most thing we possess!  If God allow so.

I thought I would never be able to make Chinese Knotting any more. But with cord board, pins and tweezers,. I can still make some simple ones. Did you see my   Christmas Wreath –Chinese Knotting– that was made last Christmas.

After the stroke the biggest project I finished was a Chinese book ” Everlasting Blossoms”, and  published in Taiwan 2011. It tells:

What Everlasting Blossoms are.

Why was that named  Everlasting Blossoms .

What was the motive of crochet Everlasting Blossoms..

And unveiled the method of crochet Everlasting Blossoms, as well as the butterflies.

English is my second language.  I know my English is not great at all. There may be a lots of  grammatical errors.  You may call it Chinglish!  If you would like to help me with that, I’ll be very much  appreciated.