Happy Birthday to Republic of China!


And Ever!

October 10th is the birthday of the Republic of China.

Long live the  Republic of China!


And Ever!

I love you!


Seven Sorrows of Mary Rosary

I did not know there was a prayer(Seven Sorrows of Mary Rosary) for sinners.  Until two months ago. I found it in a prayer book that my niece sent me from Taiwan. When I was reading it, surprised to see it says “Pray with “Seven Sorrows of Mary Rosary”. I’ve never known that there was such a kind of Rosary in my life. The prayer book did not carry any pictures. How would it look like? I was more interested in the Rosary then the prayer!!    I went to the gift store at the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, Ca. Right away after lunch that day, There I found one. But very expensive. It costs $32! That was the only one they have.

That was the end of the month. Like others! There barely any money left in my bank!

The Rosary was so beautiful! Especially thse Sorrowful Mothe and Seven Sorrows of Mary medals. They looked awesome! How I wished to go home with it! But ……….. I handed back reluctantly to the kind lady and said: “I’ll be back for it!”

On my way home, I said to myself: “‘the difference between Rosary and the seven sorrows of Mary was the number of beads and seven sections instead of five decades. The Sorrowful Mary model instead of a Crucifix. I have some beads left over from the Rosary I made before.  Only if I can find those models, I could save some money!

From the internet, I ordered three sets of Seven Sorrows of Mary Rosary. I found some cute beads. But only enough for two. I had spent enough money for models already. Instead of buying some beads.   I picked up the same sides but different colored bead.  I made a colorful one for myself. Who cares the color! As long as I don’t have to count my fingers while praying. God will listen the same!

Those nice ones, One for my 2nd son in Taiwan. One for a friend in Taxes. Because I know they really pray!

I asked them to pray with me for sinners include me every Friday!.





What are these?

Yesterday, Peter and I went to a farmer market where we never visited before. There I saw something that I had never seen before!

Aren’t they look like the watermelon?  Yes! They did to me!But they aren’t! And they are awfully small! Did you see it?  They are just as big as your thumb! Have you ever seen them before?



Once for all

I could not remember how many times I been in and out that chapel in a hospital. But it happened once, only once!

God came to me when I needed Him the Most.

That was about half year later after my stroke. I  was almost beaten by my disability.

That day, with a depressing and sad heart I rolled over to that chapel and pray.

There was no one else in the chapel when I went in. I parked my motor chair which I bought not long ago next to a chair. Slowly I transferred into that chair. The quietness made me felt God’s presence. Like a hurt child came to her parent. I bowed down my head and cried. At that very moment, how badly I wished if I could drop my kneels on the kneeler. Tears running down my checks. I couldn’t think of anything to say to God. Just keeping on saying “Our Father” and “Hail May”.

A young man came in when my tears were running. He walked to the Holy cabinet to put back the Holy Eucharist. A strong desire rose up in my heart. ” Go forth and ask for the Holy Communion!”

My eyes were fixed on his movements.  The young man closed the Holy Cabinet door and took the key out from his pocket. My! There was no time for me to give a second thought. Quickly I wiped off the tears from my face and struggling to stand up from the wooden chair. Some ugly squeaky noise came from the legs of the chair. That sweet young man turned around and facing me with wide opened eyes.

“Do you need any help?”

“No!” I said. ” But may I have Holy Communion?”

“Yes! ” briefly he answered. He bowed his head down before he opened the cabinet. After the door was open, he held the Holy Chalice with both hands and walked to me with steady steps.

My! Oh my! Jesus came to me! There was no word could describe the feelings I had the moment when Jesus was in me. I heard a tiny voice in my heart:

“Here I am, Myra!”

Indescribable Joy and happiness filled up my heart, my mind, my entire being! The feeling I had never had before.

That “once”, the only “once” is nourishing me until now, 15 years later, and the days to come!

He is with me.

Thanks to God.

Praise the Lord!


A 72-year-old child

One day as I was passing by the ping-pong room, Caught by Mr. Wu who was playing ping-pong with a lady.

“Big sister,” He called out with a loud voice. “This picture of yours really looks beautiful. Can I have a copy of it?

I rolled over closer to the displaying board on the wall. Found out it was shot by our activity coordinator Aliona with her iPad. The one I was holding the dream catcher

” Yea! iPad always take better pictures!” I said.

“That’s right!” Mr. Wu said.  “See! you look homely.  But in this picture, you looked so beautiful!”

“What? Am I looking that awful ?” My eye glasses

almost dropped on the floor!

You know what did he say? Awesome!

” You see! I’m telling the truth!”  He said it seriously.

Oh! My good heavens! I can’t help and burst out into laughter!

” OK! OK!  The more you touch things up, the darker they get!” I couldn’t stop laughing and said to him: ” Come here! Come closer to me!”

He was puzzled. He gives a look at the lady who was playing ping-pong with him.

The lady looked backed to Mr. Wu, and said: “Ah Ha! I bet she is going to punch on your nose!”

My non-stopping laughter almost cause me short of breath!

“Come here!” I said again.

Mr. Wu walked to me hesitantly.

You should look at his face!

I sat in my wheelchair. He was too tall standing there. So I asked him to bend down.

I bet poor Mr. Wu was wondering: ” What on earth is she going to do?”

I hold his neck and gave him a big kiss on his check!

” I have never seen anyone as lovely as you!” I said.

You know what he said?

” You see! When I talk to people, I always like to ask: ” Do you want me to be honest or dishonest? But I know my Big Sister wants an honest brother!”

 Mr. Wu loves to help the neighbors with all he can.

One day, We had Thanksgiving luncheon at our dining room.

Mr. Wu asked the lady who sat next to him, ” How was the chicken I bought for you?”   The lady answered: ” Thank you so much! I could never get a chicken as good as the one you bought for me!”

Another lady sat at our table cracked a joke: “Isn’t it nice to have such a boyfriend?”

You would guess what did Mr. Wu say! He looked at the lady whom he bought the chicken for, a little disdainfully. He said: “I don’t want such a girlfriend! Even  someone had introduced me a cute young girl was not my kind!”

Mr. Wu is one of those rare simple and honest folk. There is no crafty in him!

A 72-year-old child!

How do thread my tatting needle

Many people were questioning me,  how do I tatting? How do thread the tatting needle?My answer was:  “If anyone who can thread the tatting needle,  will be able to do tatting”

  1. first of all, I have to hold the needle to get the thread ready.  %e6%8b%bf%e9%87%9db

  2. Thread the needle


  1. Hold the needle with clamps, then start the work


Sometimes I have I have to hold the needle with my third hand!


Angle — tatting


I found this instruction on Youtube.  It looked very nice with that bead head.  But I could not get the right sized bead for the head.

I tried with the tatting head without the right number of stitches. It didn’t work out very well.


Do you think the head for the white angle is a little too small?

It is too late for the redo!  I’ll tat more stitches next time.

A challenge!  I love the challenge!

Practice # 2


To practice with yarn is not easy!  Too soft, hard to manage.

From now on, I’ll practice with thread. No, I mean tatting with thread! Every piece will not be just a practice but a masterpiece! “Practice” may keep me thinking “It’s just practicing!”  I may tat it a little carelessly.

But anyway, Peter thought it was beautiful!

He is always a sweetheart!



Fun with needle tatting


I was learning how to tatting a lace with YouTube.

When it was done, the whole thing looked like a mother turtle was taking her babies for a walk.

I thought it could be a meaningful bookmark. It may remind the reader:

It’s OK to read as slow as a turtle walking. But do not stop. As the turtle. You will get the reward.

The first turtle was the desire of reading.

The second one – Eyes.

The third one – Mind

The fourth one – Think.

But when I gave a second look, I thought I should not give it to anybody as a bookmark. Especially for my grandson! It’s only good for a sample piece.


Of course,  I didn’t mean it when I was tatting! It was a careless mistake.

But did you see the third turtle – Mind, was trying to run away with Think_?!

Autumn Leaves


Last Friday some of  my neighbors and I were playing  kindergarteners. But I was a pre-schooler!

We use dry autumn leaves as patterns to make prints on the paper.


My neighbors put paint on the leaf to make prints on the paper. They look great! I tried that way. But the leaf slipped. The prints came out awfully!  So I tried the other way around to put the leaf on the paper and hold with my water jar. Brush the color around it. It should have the uncolored white shadow show on the paper with the colored background. But what a mess was it!


Aliona asked me: “How is it, Myra?” I was very unhappy with mine. I said: “Not good at all!”  She said: “At least you did it! It looks not bad at all. There is more paper. Would you like to make another one? I can help you! It’s only 2;30.”


I said, “It’s OK!” If she is going to help me, that piece will not be mine.

I took it home. Peter saw it. He thought that was great!? I wasn’t really impressed with what he had said because whatever I brought back from the craft class, he always says:”Very good!”. So I through it onto the table carelessly! I was not pleased with my picture today.






This ugly one was mine!



An hour later I was playing with the computer, Peter came in with that ugly picture in his hand and talking to himself: “What a pity! Such a nice picture just though it on the table!”



He put it on the wall, his favorite corner next to his bed. And said: “Isn’t it a beautiful picture! Don’t you know how to appreciate it? That is a piece of real artwork! ”

I was touched!

I was always thinking of to change a new husband. But, now, I decided to stay with him until the end of the world!!


I’ll pick you up tonight


After the witch’s party, I went to check if there was any mail for me.

On my way , I met a grandmom  with her cute little granddaughter, was about 5 or 6 years old. I wush to hug her! She stared at me. Maybe she thought:”Wow! A witch!”

I smiled at her. She smiled back.

Then I asked her seriously:”Are you a girl today?”

“Yes! ” She said.

I smiled again:”Good! Wonderful! Would you like to be my helper?”

She said: “Yes”

I handed her a bag of candy. “Very good! Then, I’ll come to pick you up tonight.”

Her smile frozen on her little face.

Share Helena’s happiness



Helena, one of my neighbors, had never crochet before. But she wished to make her own blanket for her legs. She thinks an old lady should cover her legs when she sits and watching TV. It shows her dignity!h-3

Her niece was trying to teach her how to crochet.

Poor Helena! Chains had no problem with her. But those single crochets and double crochets……..!?

She spent the whole afternoon with her niece, struggled with  single crochets and double crochets. When she came home, Everything was gone!

She asked me if I could show her how to crochet. I can’t! With one hand to manage both hook and yarn at the same time? No way! I can only loom knitting. I was touched with her eagerness to have a homemade blanket! I introduced her loom knitting.  She never dreamed that it could that easy and fast to knit a  blanket! In just a few days she finished a beautiful blanket. Her very first blanket in her life! She was so happy and so proud of her work. I’m very proud and happy for her too.

I don’t have to tell you how many times Helena had to redo her piece due to her mistake. Though she  carried through to the end. I admire her spirit!



Spent almost 20 days  to finish these bookmarks for our two grandsons.

They are not as perfect and good looking as I thought, But I did it! Just as not perfect and pretty as I am.

I waved those bookmarks with my love and blessings

You may wonder how did I work on them with only one hand? Of course, I could not do with this Scotch tape stand and the cramp.



I’m sure the people who first made the Scotch tape stand and the cramp would never imagine what a great pleasure  those things could give an old handicap lady!

Thanks to them with big kisses and hugs!

Plate Mat!



Ever since I picked up tatting again, my heart is filled with zeal for tatting.

I promised our two grandsons that I’ll make a bookmark for each  of them. But it won’t be done very soon! Because I have to design it first!

To tat with thicker yarn is always so much easier for me. Besides, I don’t want to waste my beautiful thread while experimenting a design!

What do you think of this plate mat!?

Of course, I’ll prolong the design. It will be much thinner and smaller.

In my imagination, the bookmark should be pretty and look good!

Besides, no one would like to put a plate mat in the book!

OK! I’ll start to work on that bookmark.

My imaginary bookmark!

That’s My Guy!



We had a wonderful lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant that day.

After we got out of the bus walking closer to the main door of  St Mary’s Garden, Richard happened to be on his way out. He held the door for me. Peter was walking very slowly behind.  I was going to push the auto-opener for Peter. I heard Richard said : “Be behold! There is a guy behind you.” I knew Richard was still holding the door. I rolled away to make room for Peter to come in.

After Peter came in, I said to Richard, “Thank you, Richard. That’s my Guy!”

Richard looked a little surprised. He didn’t know that Peter is my husband! he showed me a thumb up and winked his eye at me!

My spirit was very high!  Not because of Richard’s thumb-up.

Peter had walked almost 10 blocks today!  The longest walk he ever had in almost 9 months. I ‘I didn’t care how much time we walked that 10 blocks. Peter did not take any break to sit in his walker while walking that day! That had never happened ever since he got rid of shingles last April.

May God bless him and keep him up like today always!

Mandalas Coloring

I don’t have much sense of coloring. Have no idea which color matches which color would look  better. Besides, [Coloring] is more like for kids! Until one day our Activity Manager Aliona sat a coloring hour for us.  I found great joy in coloring! It is not kids’ stuff only!

There were more than 10 residents signed up the class!  Very soon almost all of the coloring pens were taken. I grabbed the leftovers before they were all gone!

I choose the page of fish without much thinking.

When I about to start working on it , I was not too happy with those colors I had. I had them because there was no choice for me because the other colors were too soon to be taken! That’s all left for this old turtle could have!

As I began to color, I  noticed that many of the designs were similar and everyone was so exquisite. I must be very careful when I color them. Otherwise, the colors will be all mixed up. It could look awful.

I was so involved once I began coloring. Nothing could bother me at that moment at all! I was enjoying the working! And so happy about every achievement I did. Those colors worked perfectly! I was glad I have them!

After I finished the whole page, it looked nice!

I realized no matter what color you color a Mandela picture after you finished the whole thing, it will look good and unique!

But, if I have never taken the first step to try to color, the picture would always stay black and white. The beauty of colors will never show.

Thanks to Aliona!

Her class helped me to build up my confidence!

Her class taught me: [Have courage to “TRY”, always is the key to open a new door!]

The “KEY” is in my own hand!



What is that for?


When my very first tatting flower was almost finished, my caregiver asked me; “What is that for?” Suddenly I could not answer her question. She was right! What was it for? What could such a little tiny crochet thread flower for?

But I was drawn in my own happiness!

After all these years, I was a little disappointed with myself because with one hand I could not tatting anymore.  Here I am with a thread tatted flower in my hand!

What am I going to do with it? I asked myself.  It took only a few minutes to finish this little flower. Now it took me three hours working with so many tools.  I used tatting anywhere I went, now I must work at home!

To lace my clothes? No! I won’t do that. I can’t make even my own clothes anymore!

Noteword’s bookmark flashed through my mind. I knew it won’t be so easy. The thread may be tangled! But it is worth to try!  I knew I won’t tat one as beautiful and fancy as her piece! But whatever I tat, it will be my masterpiece!

Here is my half way finished bookmark!



A new step to a new but old craft!


I thought I’ll never be able to tat anymore.

Until a few days ago, Jackie, Netting with Heart posted a video:” Needle Tatting” “https://www.pinterest.com/pin/12596073937598299/” It brought me some hope!

Right away I went to Michael’s and Beverley’s to look for tatting needles.  But all they have was big fat crochet needle! Anyway, I bought one.

With clamp and tweezers, I started TATTING! My heartbeats went faster!

When the very first circle was done, you can imagine how happy I was. Even it was just a small circle, it was the very first one I ever dreamed in 15 years after my stroke. I thought I would never be able to tat the rest of my life. Here I am, with a small circle I tatted. It was the very first big step of mine towards tatting dream again!

I took picture of ever step I tatted. They were my world records of tatting again. I want to keep  those happy moments of how I started my most favorite craft again, the craft I thought I’ll never be able to do anymore.







We all have had popcorns ever since we were kids. We stringed them to deck Christmas trees.

little girls love to string necklace, bracelets. Your movie would be more enjoyable with a bag of popcorn!

Boys may compete who throw farther with popcorns!

Corns can pop into all shapes. With your imagination, you could  see anything out of a popped corn!

But a Poodle……………?

Next time when you have some popcorns, don’t just put it into your mouth without thinking. Try to see you can find another poodle!

Chinese Knotting and Marami

(Macrame)Owl — back
(Chinese knot) fish — front
(Chinese Knot) fish — back
butterfly(new life)
The Eternal Wheel of life
(Chinese knot) There are two knots, the top one means ceiling or a safe. The lower one  is  a ball made of rolled silk, it could be for happiness blessing and love. But the combination of circle and square  means harmony.


Dry Carnations

dry flowers

I wonder why was Carnation selected to be The Mother’s Day Flower?

From the wreath I made almost two months ago, it tells me, Carnation  fully deserved to be The Flower of Mother’s Day .

Just by looking at the color of the flowers. Even the flowers were dried, the color was still as garish and beautiful as can be!

To me, the color signifies mother’s love.

Mother’s love never fade!

happy Father’s Day


Our activity manager, Oliona gave us a chance to make our very own Father Day gift. She provided us mugs, brushes and colors.

We knew those brushes and colors were for us to paint on the mug. But what if we have to wash the mug, won’t the picture on it be washed off? What’s good for us after all the hard works we did?

Aliona told us those painted mugs will be baked in the oven . After one hour the paint on the mug will become porcelain . It will never be washed off!

I thought that will be fun!

But after I started working on the mug. I found it wasn’t as  fun and easy as I thought.

First of all, the hair of brush was very hard.  Not flexible at all.

Second, there were not many choices in colors. There were only green, red, blue and black.  If there is yellow, it could make a big difference.

Well! It is for Father’s  Day. I want to wish a father happiness. I should write “Happy Father’s day.”  It will be for my honey! So I should write in Chinese. “父親節快樂”  As you can see the strokes in those words are very complicated! With this flattop  rigid brush, they could take up all the space. That won’t show my true regards!

The writings turned out the ugliest ones I have ever had. I think even  a kindergartener could write better.


These two hearts are Peter and Myra!

B (4)

Two little hearts are our two sons.

B (5)

Those three flowers are our two daughter-in-laws and me.


The flower buds will be our dreaming great-granddaughters in the future!



After it came out of the oven, I think it wasn’t bad at all! Isn’t it?

Peter looked at the writing, he said:” The writing wasn’t bad at all! Actually, the brush and those very basic  colors are for kindergartens!”

I almost jumped out of my chair!

Then he said: “pictures are very meaningful!  Not bad! I like it very much. Thank you!”

Fruit Sticks







We are so lucky to have our new activity director, Aliona. She got all kinds of ideas. Last week we made the dream catcher. This week we made the fruit sticks. Each one of us was given a bowl of different colored fruits cut into small cubes. And also a paper plate and three sticks. She said : “If you need more sticks or fruits, come back and ask me for it.”

We were asked to have the darkest colored fruit at the very bottom. Then dark red, yellow, orange and red on the top.

OK! The purple colored grapes should be the first on the stick! But they were such cute little purple grapes! As soon as I poked the stick into it, the peel cracked! The white pulp showed!  That would not fit the rule! I had to poke another one. I think I had broken at least 3 of them until I made it. I was wondering why were they broke so easily? Maybe the stick was too big for the tiny grape! But why they were OK for my neighbors? Then I realized the small grapes were like littler rubber balls. They could not stay stable on the table. If I did not poke in the center, the grape rolling a little. When the stick went through it the peel on the side could not be expanded evenly and cracked. If I had another hand to hold the little ball from rolling, the stick poke into the center, the grape will not crack  because the peel expanded evenly!

Well! Anyway, crooked or straight, I made three short fruit stick! While others had sticks full of fruits!  I was very happy because I did what I could!

I brought them home with the leftover fruits.

Peter was very happy to see those fruits that we don’t have very often. Such as grapes even  their peels cracked! Because they were too sweet for us diabetes!

Well! Once in a blue moon! Enjoy it!!!


My dream catcher


unspecified (5)

We had a craft teacher came to our apartment to teacher us how to make a dream catcher the other day. My neighbors and I were warmed up since we saw the notice a week ago.

  I have seen dream catchers before. Was wondered how did people make it? Today, I am going to make one!

On the table in our community room, the teacher displayed some colorful beads, strains, ribbons, dry grass and some big rings. She passed a big ring to each one of us and showed us how to rolled some dry grass around the ring until the dry grass covered the whole ring.

My Oh My! No wonder the teacher said, “to roll the grass around the ring could be the hardest part of the dream catcher!” With my only one hand to pull the grass around the ring is already not an easy task. Even I used pins to fasten the ring on the cork board.  But the grass rolled on the ring would not stay in their place! It kept on getting loose! I have to tighten the grass every now and then.

If I have another hand to hold on the grass that had rolled on the ring……………..

While my neighbors all started to weave the net, I was still struggling with the grass!

Finally! The ring was finished! You have never seen such an ugly dream catcher ring! The ends of the grass stuck out everywhere from the ring! I cut off those grass end but the ring was not smooth at all! It was just as ugly as it could be!

I saw some of my neighbors with their dream catcher in their hand. With a big smiling on their faces.  Walked out of the room proudly.

The room temperature rose up on me, I took off my jacket!

I will finish it! I won’t give up! No matter what!

“Never give up! Never Surrender!”—Who said that?

The clock on the wall said 3:30! I was fighting with this dream catcher for an hour and a half now! I was the only one and the teacher in the community room!

Who cares! My dream was done!!!!

Even it doesn’t look very nice, I love it! My very own Dream Catcher!

I think it is beautiful!

The world is beautiful!

Image0004 Ever since the ambulance took me to the hospital, I was transferred from rooms to rooms. I had no chance to see the sky. I enjoy the blue sky. I love to watch the clouds moving. I always amazed at the brilliance of sunset………..
I’m sure there were windows in all those rooms I had stayed. But I could only see the hanging window curtains. it seemed that I had never thought of asking anyone to pull the curtains up for me.
I was struggling with sit up in bed.
The left side of my body was perfect when you look at it, but it was as soft as bread soaked with milk! Yet it’s feeling sensation was OK. If you pinch any part of the skin it really hurts! People had to put a lot of pillows on my left side to make me sit up. Even though my body could not keep up straight very long. I didn’t want to keep on ask people to put a dozen pillows on my left side to sit me up. I tried to hold on to the bed side rail to pull myself up. I didn’t know after how many days I tried and tried to sit up without much support. Finally, I made it!
I asked the nurse to put me in the wheelchair. I wanted to get out of bed. I wanted to go out of the room! Even for just a few minutes. Ha! That was not easy to transfer me from bed to the wheelchair. How could one lady to pick up a piece of 120-pound meat from a bed and put it into the chair! There were always two of them. After they dropped me into the chair they had to put belts on me. One on my lap one around my chest.
Probably you have never noticed why when you help a child to get up from the ground would so much easier than an elderly. it’s because the limbs of a child are strong plus his strong strength. With his own help and yours the task is light and easy. But for an elderly his strength worn out by age, he can’t help much instead you have to work harder, you can feel part of the elderly’s weight. But when you try to pick up a 120-pound helpless meat it means 120 pounds! That is what I was! I could hear: ” Wow! You are very heavy!” which I didn’t like at all!
The nurse pushed me out of the room. My room was not the whole world! There were other rooms with people in beds. I wished they could get out of bed like me.
We came to the community room.
Oh, My! What a big room with open windows! The daylight made the room so bright! Not like my room the lights were always on. You could hardly tell whether it’s day or night. The air in the community was so fresh and sweet!
I wanted to sit by a window. I wanted to see the outside world which I missed so badly! I was thrilled when I saw the hilltop far away over the houses, I saw trees, the blue sky patched with pieces of white clouds. Tears streamed down my cheeks. My heart said strongly:
“How beautiful the world is! I will go out to see more! I will!”

Life is good!

Life is good!
If you had never had any dramatic happening in your life, probably you would not notice “life is good”. When you have good times you maybe feel happy. When you get something you wanted so badly, you are happy….. But those are no what I mean.
There were twice I feel “life is good” in my 80 years life.
40 of 50 years ago, the most common transportation were bikes and motorbikes. Mine was a bike.
One day after work, I was riding on my bike to home. On the way I was almost home. I looked at the other side of the street, there was a huge picture advertising some new apartment will be finished and will be ready to move in on X day X month X year. The picture of the apartment was a special styli which I had never seen before. As my eyes were fixed on the ad. my bike’s front wheel went closer to the curb and lost its balance. My bike and me fall in the middle of street. As fast as a flash a motorbike behind me ran over me. I could feel something scratched over my head. I thought that was the wheel. I heard some fearful screech! It sounded so awful!
I struggled to sat up. the first thing I did was to touch my skull! That was a miracle! My skull was as solid as it was all the time! No blood on my hand!
A man’s voice talked to me: ” Are…..are you OK?” I stood up with his support. ” I think I am OK!”
A lady ran over to me hold my shoulder with wide opened eyes and said with a shiver voice: ” Oh my good heavens! I thought you were ran over by that motorbike!” She looked at the right side of my head and found a little bloody on my ear and behind my ear. The motorbike driver said to me: “You fell down so suddenly. I could not stop my engine neither turn left at that moment. There were cars coming behind me. If I did a terrible traffic accident would occurred. So I made a quick sharp turn wish that I would not ran over your head. I guess the kickstand scratched your head.”
All of a sudden, I just couldn’t help but thank my mother. She gave me a smaller sized head! Otherwise the kickstand could cut open my skull not just a little scratch!
After the motorbike driver picked up my bike’s One thing I found the frount fork of my bike was squelched. The wheel couldn’t move. I asked the motorbike rider took it to the bike shop to pull them straight. The rider was a very sweet young man. He pushed my bike and escorted me all the way home and keeping on asked me how did I feel? Is there anything he can do for me? He asked me for my phone number because he wanted check on me to see if everything is OK. He called me every day for about almost two weeks. I was OK.
But started from the third week, the rider stopped checking on me, My head started a kind hurting. Not sharp pain but it hurting continuously day and night. Nights were even worse. I could not lay down in bad at night. That would hurt more.
My youngest sister recommended me to visit a retired Army colonel who knew some kind of acupressure which was very different from the traditional way. It was told he had helped many people from pain. And it was free! Because he made a vow to a deity when he learned it.
Unbelievable! I visited the colonel only three times my headache stopped!
Oh my! You could never imagine how happy I was.


Did you know those reindeer who pulling Santa’s slide were female deer? I’m proud of them!

I’ve just learn it today.  I learned that only female deer got antlers on in winter!

Could you tell if this antler was drooped by a male of a female deer?

Thanksgiving and Chinese New Year

Usually when it’s Thanks giving our son’s family would take the long weekend as a chance to go somewhere have a family vacation. They always ask Peter and I to join them. But The weather is very cold out doors. The place they would go is cold and snow. They enjoy ski, What would Peter and I do? We never skied. Our poor bones may scattered all over in the snow.  Even to watch them ski, We would become  Popsicle. We rather stay home. Warm and cosy!

This Thanksgiving is special! Our son’s family decided to have a Thanksgiving Dinner at home and leave home the next morning!

In addition to the tradition Thanksgiving food, Peter made some his  specialties!

Thanksgiving means family reunion!  It reminded me the biggest family reunion fgor Chinese, The Chinese New Year Eve dinner.  Ever family members scattered far and near all came home.  If someone who missed the dinner, a empty seat and a pair of chopsticks would be placed at the table for him or her. But most time every one tried their best to get home on time, by air, by train or bus.  So you don’t see empty seat at the table too offten.

On Chinese New Year Eve dinner table, food are very different from Thanksgiving Dinner. On the traditional Chinese table: chicken , tangerine , fish and Chinese New Year Cake. They are just as important as turkey, cranberry sauce , corn, pumpkin pie. We always have those foods mainly because of their names pronounced the same as something else.

Chicken and tangerine  sounds like  “auspicious“.

Wishing the people at  the table a auspicious new year.

Fish sounds like “surplus“. Wish people have a surplus coming year.

New Year Cake sounds like “taller or higher“. for kits wish them grow taller next year, for adult wish them have promotion in their job or business.

You may add as many dishes as you want. They maybe different each year,  but chicken, tangerine, fish and New Year Cake should always be seen on the Chinese New Year Eve dinner!

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HURRART ! I am home again!

I lost my home Key and locked myself out of my blog for two days as a homeless blogger! I can only looking in the window listen to my friends talking to me, but no way to let them know that heard them. Say,  panic and angry with myself. Stupid me can’t even reset my password!

I went to the public library today asked one of one of those lovely volunteer young students. A young lady watched me over step by step to reset my pass word. She said if copy and paste the new pass word you set……….

Hurray! voila! I made it!

It’s wonderful to be home again!

Long live those lovely young volunteers*!

* They are a group of young students come to the public library volunteerly on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm. to help us seniors with cell phones, ipads, lap-tops .  They are Sweet and patiently.

Each of us left the library with a big smile!

Visit Jelly Belly Factory and Budweiser factory

Last week with a senior tour group we visited two places;  Jelly Belly Factory and Budweiser Factory. Those beautiful, happy and exciting memories will with me for years!


As we walked into building I saw….


A little dizzy I felt.  I must be dreaming? I’ve never been here before……. But how come this scenery looked so familiar?

My goodness! That was more than 20 years ago,  while my sister and sister-in -law were visiting me from Taiwan. That was a cursory visit with a tour group!   We rushed in and rushed out! It did not leave any thing in my memory box. I guess nothing impressed me but this big fat flying Jelly Belly!

A little sad I felt. My sister is in heaven now. My sister-in-law lost her husband,my very dear brother almost 10 years ago,

But life goes on!  Enjoy the present! That’s what my deceased loved ones would asked me to. I believe.

Jelly Belly bean pictures:DSCN9711 DSCN9735DSCN9712

DSCN9736DSCN9741DSCN9732DSCN9730My favorite!

We visited the factory. Watching how those jelly beans  were made and coated with different  colors and flavors. How they were packed in boxes, I was bewildered!

At the mid of all those busy machinery and workers, a robot lifted a big sign said “Welcome!”. We weaved back happily!

After we come out of the factory, each of us received a small bag of mixed flavored jell belly beans !

When we got to Budweiser Factory,  at the big parking lot, we didn’t see any thing related to the product but a big  statue of a brilliant horse.DSCN9765

I wandered: “how was horse related to beer?”  I just  couldn’t figure it out “Why” until I asked our tour guide. It was just as simple as 123!

In the early days, transportation were no as good as now-a days. Without horses’ hard working, Budweiser wouldn’t be delivered all around the country.  And Budweiser would never be as popular as now .  From bottling several thousands of beer per minute every day, it’s not hard to figure out it’s Market demand.

The best part of this visit was “beer tasting”!

The tour-guide took us into the conference room. After we watched a  short movie about how Budweiser was named. How the beer was made, etc.

Then came the big moment!  Beer Tasting”!

There werer 4 bottles of different beers. We can choose any one of them. I am not familiar with any one of them. But the one named “Wile Blue” attracted my attention. I had never had any beer in my life! A little Red wine sometimes for special occasions.

Almost every one in our group got a glass of those beers. The beautiful burgundy red of Wild Blue! OK! That’s the one for me!DSCN9777

I have no idea What did the 8 percent meant. But I still asked only a little bit.


That’s how “lit bit”  they gave me. The special savoury and mellow smell which I had never had  made me floating in the air! I sipped a little. It tasted G-O-O-D! Couldn’t help I sipped a little again! WOW! The middle of my chest was on fire!!

My good heavens! That 2 sips totally  would not even as much as 1/5cc! My mind said “Go! Get more!”

My heart said “No more! Otherwise your whole body will be on fire!”

Resolutely and determinedly, I put the cup down!

The aftertaste is with me right now as I am typing,  I am floating in the air again!

Thanks to my be-loved follower

I’ve just received this notice. What a surprise!

Thank you for your support.  I’ll do my very best to keep on writing.

Nevertheless, I would like to know what do you think about my story. Would you like to tell me some of your opinions to help me to improve my writing? This is my very first time to write such a long true life story!

Grandma Moses started Painting at her 70s!

I , Grandma Myra(I wish to be a second Grandma Moses!), started writing short stories at my 70s. I am 80 now!

If I do not reply your comment right away, please forgive me. Because I can only type with my right hand due to the stroke since 14 years ago.


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Thanks for your support

I was thrilled 151023_0000


I was thrilled when I received this notice!

Your kind supports  sustain me to move on. I’ll do my best to meet your interests.

Since I’m a first time writer to edit a book, there are a whole lot to learn . I’ll  appreciate any kind of comments. From your comments I can learn about how to edit the story more readable. The mine idea to write “Everlasting Blossoms” is to let people to know once there was a woman who was pure, full of love: she love nature, love the people around her. With the flowers she crocheted shows her philosophy of life. How was she led into the art of needle works. Why was the first rose crocheted.  And her last wish was let people know how to crochet flowers and butterflies with easy steps.  You can crochet your own unique  flowers and butterflies. Thus you can keep the beautiful spring at your house as long as you want to.

Thanks you all

What a surprise that I received a notice says:

“Congratulations on getting 50 total likes on myrahochang.Your current tally is 55.” With a big orange circle and a stared black “50” in the middle!

With my heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of you. Your “like”s keep me powered and continue  my blog journey with more confidence.

We Chinese say some one like my age – 80 –  trying to learn some thing new is like carving on a piece of rotten wood! But with all your supports  I can boldly keeping on carving. There will be something carved out.  With patient I just keep carving!  Carving! Carving!……….

about me

about me


This is me, Myra Ho Chang.

14 years ago the stroke got me. The stroke put my left body into sleep ever since. My left leg and  foot now is half way awaken but my left arm and hand never wake up!

I was a Chinese School(after school classes) director for almost 20 years. Before my retirement  or I should say two month before my 65th birthday, the stroke forced me to an earlier retirement!

The stroke did not strike me down. But to tell the truth, I was very much depressed at the beginning!

I started to practice  typing with four finger. Even it was not easy to try to take over the job of the left hand, but now my fingers are dancing on the keyboard!  Many times they dumped on the wrong key! Checking back and retyping takes more time!  Who cares! For seniors “Time” is the most thing we possess!  If God allow so.

I thought I would never be able to make Chinese Knotting any more. But with cord board, pins and tweezers,. I can still make some simple ones. Did you see my   Christmas Wreath –Chinese Knotting– that was made last Christmas.

After the stroke the biggest project I finished was a Chinese book ” Everlasting Blossoms”, and  published in Taiwan 2011. It tells:

What Everlasting Blossoms are.

Why was that named  Everlasting Blossoms .

What was the motive of crochet Everlasting Blossoms..

And unveiled the method of crochet Everlasting Blossoms, as well as the butterflies.

English is my second language.  I know my English is not great at all. There may be a lots of  grammatical errors.  You may call it Chinglish!  If you would like to help me with that, I’ll be very much  appreciated.

Christmas Wreath –Chinese Knotting–


As I said: “I love Handicrafts.”  I really enjoy working on them!

Knotting is one of them. After the stroke, I use cork board, pins, forceps as my third hand. Some times even my teeth as well! When I sit in front of the cork board, when I look at those pins and tweezers,  my mind, my heart are with  it. Nothing else, but “What am I going to make today?” And the time flies fast, one hour like a moment.

Last Christmas I made some Christmas wreaths to bring my love and Christmas blessings to my relatives and friends.