The significance of plum flower for Chinese


小明的照片-1 091

Chinese take plum flower as their National Flower.  Why?  Because:

No matter how poor the land is for planting, the plum tree always make it.

The harder the land is, the deeper the roots will get.

The colder the weather gets, the more beautiful the flowers are blossomed.

Plum Flowers symbolize China and her prople.

As  a Plum flower, Yu Wen, she was as honorable as a Princess, even dressing someone  would waited on her. As a newly wedded house wife, watching a stranger came into her room. He took off her beautiful window curtain and told her the rant of the curtain was due that day.  When she was desperately need food for her loved ones, she rather forgot her princess status to be a laundry lady instead of depression or give up her identity to pick up some  easier and lowly work. When Japanese invaded China occupied most part of the land. The life for all Chinese were tough. But Yu Wen lived unrestrictedly. With flowers from the pagoda tree, edible wild herbs for food. Always keeping her upmost spirit, be contend with what she was. People around her affected by her spirit. She loved sharing. Her last wish  was to have Everlasting Blossoms blossoming and butterflies flying ever where.

Yu Wen was a plum flower!