Offset with crochet flower

C-33. I am An Iris

Yu Wen went on, “As life would have it, both my mother and her sister-in-law gave birth to a girl. Sadly, my cousin, the peony, died before she was 3 years old. I, the iris, continued growing!”

Yu Wen recalled her worst childhood sickness was the measles, free from any serious illness. She told the artist, “I’m so very grateful and fortunate that my mother chose the Iris!”

World War II and the following political change in China each contributed to the total loss of contact with Yu Wen’s mother. There was no way to find her.  She also lived with an added sorrow from never having a picture of her dear mother.

Yu Wen began thinking…, if I can crochet some irises as a loving memento to my mother…? She called upon her memories of the irises of her youth and began creating the crocheted Iris Bonsai Tribute.


C-27 Begonia


If the calyx of the Begonia flower or it’s flower bud do not have the right looking, it will not be a Begonia flower at all.

Each time when Yu Wen was creating a bonsai, she always tried her very best to have it made as perfect as possible. That was why each time at the exhibition, would always heard some people say: 「Everlasting Blossoms look like real flowers!」

C-19  Rhodea Japonica and Lily


In the early days, my mother grand the honor to name this bonsai “Yu Jei Bing Ching”.

In Chinese, Yu Jie mains as pure as jade. Bing Ching means as clear as ice. The whole bonsai describes strict morality and behaviors, noble, eligant and integrity.

I named so because after my mother finished the arrangment of this bonsai, the lilies reminded me of Mary, mother of Jesus. The Rhodea Japonica looked like St. Joseph standing right next to her. Those little red flowers shows the motherly love to Mary and St. Joseph of my mother. I was deeply touch by it! What else could I name it!

c20. Nasturtium is on the way

C 13. The first Bonsai – Luxuriant Bonsai


To appreciate this bonsai, it should start with the red rose in the center.

This red rose was the very first one that Yu Wen crotched, “The flower of love”. It is the very  first ancestor of all Everlasting blossom. She told her students, “After you have learned how to crochet a rose, You have to keep practice until the rose you crocheted really looked like a rose, then you are graduated.  Since then you can start to create your own everlasting blossoms, which means you can crochet any kind of flower as you wanted to.”

In this bonsai, there is no other red rose which tells us the  loyalty of love. It dropped a hint that Dz Yuen was Yu Wen’s first love, her only admirer.

There are two pink roses, symbolizing the harmonic love of husband and wife.

The yellow rose shows the dignity and honor, divine love of marriage, and single-minded of love in marriage.

The lilies symbolizing the faithfulness between each other.

The gladiolus are for wealth, those little flowers means offspring.

Among all the Everlasting Blossoms, Dz Yuen loved this bonsai the most. And he named it  “Luxuriant Bonsai”!

“C14  Everlasting Blossom Blossomed” is on it’s way.