Chinese Knotting and Marami

(Macrame)Owl — back
(Chinese knot) fish — front
(Chinese Knot) fish — back
butterfly(new life)
The Eternal Wheel of life
(Chinese knot) There are two knots, the top one means ceiling or a safe. The lower one  is  a ball made of rolled silk, it could be for happiness blessing and love. But the combination of circle and square  means harmony.



F. Unveil the Methods of Crochet Everlasting Butterfly

If you are a butterflies lover may be you would like to have some flying in your own room. Their brilliant colors, flying slim and graceful are so delightful.
OK! I’m going to pass you my mother’s handout of how to make your own butterfly. All the diagrams and instruction were designed by her personally. She wished the beauty and the joy of the butterflies can be spread everywhere.
If you would like to show your appreciation to my mother’s hard work and her selfless good intention, you may post your own butterflies on your blog after you made your own butterfly.
It is really very easy to crochet butterfly. If you only know the basic ways of crochet.
1. First of all, you should read this annotation of the instruction and try to memorize them that will make your work more efficiently.

2. Most of the diagrams will indicate with suggested colors. After you experience couple of them, you may make your own design.
3. It is very important to add lines as those butterflies I posted in the previous chapter.
Butterfly one