A 72-year-old child

One day as I was passing by the ping-pong room, Caught by Mr. Wu who was playing ping-pong with a lady.

“Big sister,” He called out with a loud voice. “This picture of yours really looks beautiful. Can I have a copy of it?

I rolled over closer to the displaying board on the wall. Found out it was shot by our activity coordinator Aliona with her iPad. The one I was holding the dream catcher

” Yea! iPad always take better pictures!” I said.

“That’s right!” Mr. Wu said.  “See! you look homely.  But in this picture, you looked so beautiful!”

“What? Am I looking that awful ?” My eye glasses

almost dropped on the floor!

You know what did he say? Awesome!

” You see! I’m telling the truth!”  He said it seriously.

Oh! My good heavens! I can’t help and burst out into laughter!

” OK! OK!  The more you touch things up, the darker they get!” I couldn’t stop laughing and said to him: ” Come here! Come closer to me!”

He was puzzled. He gives a look at the lady who was playing ping-pong with him.

The lady looked backed to Mr. Wu, and said: “Ah Ha! I bet she is going to punch on your nose!”

My non-stopping laughter almost cause me short of breath!

“Come here!” I said again.

Mr. Wu walked to me hesitantly.

You should look at his face!

I sat in my wheelchair. He was too tall standing there. So I asked him to bend down.

I bet poor Mr. Wu was wondering: ” What on earth is she going to do?”

I hold his neck and gave him a big kiss on his check!

” I have never seen anyone as lovely as you!” I said.

You know what he said?

” You see! When I talk to people, I always like to ask: ” Do you want me to be honest or dishonest? But I know my Big Sister wants an honest brother!”

 Mr. Wu loves to help the neighbors with all he can.

One day, We had Thanksgiving luncheon at our dining room.

Mr. Wu asked the lady who sat next to him, ” How was the chicken I bought for you?”   The lady answered: ” Thank you so much! I could never get a chicken as good as the one you bought for me!”

Another lady sat at our table cracked a joke: “Isn’t it nice to have such a boyfriend?”

You would guess what did Mr. Wu say! He looked at the lady whom he bought the chicken for, a little disdainfully. He said: “I don’t want such a girlfriend! Even  someone had introduced me a cute young girl was not my kind!”

Mr. Wu is one of those rare simple and honest folk. There is no crafty in him!

A 72-year-old child!


Thanksgiving and Chinese New Year

Usually when it’s Thanks giving our son’s family would take the long weekend as a chance to go somewhere have a family vacation. They always ask Peter and I to join them. But The weather is very cold out doors. The place they would go is cold and snow. They enjoy ski, What would Peter and I do? We never skied. Our poor bones may scattered all over in the snow.  Even to watch them ski, We would become  Popsicle. We rather stay home. Warm and cosy!

This Thanksgiving is special! Our son’s family decided to have a Thanksgiving Dinner at home and leave home the next morning!

In addition to the tradition Thanksgiving food, Peter made some his  specialties!

Thanksgiving means family reunion!  It reminded me the biggest family reunion fgor Chinese, The Chinese New Year Eve dinner.  Ever family members scattered far and near all came home.  If someone who missed the dinner, a empty seat and a pair of chopsticks would be placed at the table for him or her. But most time every one tried their best to get home on time, by air, by train or bus.  So you don’t see empty seat at the table too offten.

On Chinese New Year Eve dinner table, food are very different from Thanksgiving Dinner. On the traditional Chinese table: chicken , tangerine , fish and Chinese New Year Cake. They are just as important as turkey, cranberry sauce , corn, pumpkin pie. We always have those foods mainly because of their names pronounced the same as something else.

Chicken and tangerine  sounds like  “auspicious“.

Wishing the people at  the table a auspicious new year.

Fish sounds like “surplus“. Wish people have a surplus coming year.

New Year Cake sounds like “taller or higher“. for kits wish them grow taller next year, for adult wish them have promotion in their job or business.

You may add as many dishes as you want. They maybe different each year,  but chicken, tangerine, fish and New Year Cake should always be seen on the Chinese New Year Eve dinner!

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