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Helena, one of my neighbors, had never crochet before. But she wished to make her own blanket for her legs. She thinks an old lady should cover her legs when she sits and watching TV. It shows her dignity!h-3

Her niece was trying to teach her how to crochet.

Poor Helena! Chains had no problem with her. But those single crochets and double crochets……..!?

She spent the whole afternoon with her niece, struggled with  single crochets and double crochets. When she came home, Everything was gone!

She asked me if I could show her how to crochet. I can’t! With one hand to manage both hook and yarn at the same time? No way! I can only loom knitting. I was touched with her eagerness to have a homemade blanket! I introduced her loom knitting.  She never dreamed that it could that easy and fast to knit a  blanket! In just a few days she finished a beautiful blanket. Her very first blanket in her life! She was so happy and so proud of her work. I’m very proud and happy for her too.

I don’t have to tell you how many times Helena had to redo her piece due to her mistake. Though she  carried through to the end. I admire her spirit!


B. The Author’s Preface

Everlasting Blossoms
B. The Author’s Preface(1)
My mother, Ho Lyan Yu Wen, with her love and her whole life experiences created the realistic fine yarn crochet flowers, 「Everlasting Blossom」, which was named by my father, Ho dz Yuen. You get it’s picture why it was named so; because they are always looking vivid, beautiful and breath taking as if they were blossoming in spring.
I try to begin the story with where my mother was born, her family and the living environment. When she was a young girl, she was influenced gradually by the traditional Chinese needlework, which led her stepped into the area of fine art, thus formed her artistic hands. Even the environment kept on changing from best to worse, suffering from destitution, she was always kept her utter innocence and optimistic delightful spirit. She always appreciated with keen sense toward nature. She always enjoyed watching a butterfly or the beauty of a small flower, and forgot the difficulties of the life.
I believe the beginning of Everlasting Blossom was not an adventitious, It was the fruit of love and life experiences.
In the early years, if my mother was not being painstakingly and formed by her family to needlework;
If she had never gotten a chance to touched the old tradition fine art;
If she did not keep a heart of child; Everlasting Blossom will never blossom in the world.
Almost everyone who had visited the exhibition of Everlasting Blossom would with one voice:
「They are gorgeous !」
「It is unbelievable that with yarn you can crochet a flower that as vivid as life ones!」
「My goodness! I though they are real flowers!」
「Even the pistils and stamens look like the real thing! 」
While the exhibit of the “Everlasting Blossom” was hold in San Francisco, Professor Sye Bing Ying had affirmed and keeping on telling her friends :「I have never visited the same exhibit twice, but this is my third visiting to Everlasting Blossom!」
After I retired, I live in a senior apartment in Oakland. There is a big pagoda tree in our yard, which draw me back to my childhood when I was in Si-An, northern China. I lived with my parents and my sisters and brothers. It was during the war with the Japanese. Everyone in China was in a very difficult situation and living in poverty. My mother used to pick a lot of pagoda flowers and mixed them with flour, sesame oil, Chinese spices , salt and steamed them, which was one of our most favorite food. They were always so testy and delicious!. While she was watching us enjoying it happily, she often sung a nursery rhyme:

Pagoda tree, pagoda tree,
There is an opera showing under thee
Call for daughters, call for daughter-in-laws,
The wee little grandbabies clamorous restlessly
A strong wind came and ended up the show shortly.
And blow the little ones home swiftly.

「Why the wind ended up the show shortly?」I asked my mother.
「Oh, I think it’s because their misbehavior.」My mother answered smilingly.
「If we were visiting my grand-mom, will the wind blow me back too?」
「No! Of course not. Grand-mom will be so delight to see such a nice grand-daughter. Definitely she’ll love you dearly, and huddle you tightly, she will never let the wind to blow you away 」
「When shall we visit her ? 」
「Well…….very soon,…………one of these days.」
「Mom, one of these days? But when will that be?」
This conversation was taken place during the 2nd world war, the invasion of the Japanese in China. We lived in Si-An, the capital of Shan-Syi Province, which was free from the Japanese, while my grandparents were lived in Pei-King, which was in the enemy’s hands. They were not just too far away from each other, it was just impossible to get there. Therefore, until my grand-mom past away, I had never had a chance to visit her.—TO BE CONTINUED—