happy Father’s Day


Our activity manager, Oliona gave us a chance to make our very own Father Day gift. She provided us mugs, brushes and colors.

We knew those brushes and colors were for us to paint on the mug. But what if we have to wash the mug, won’t the picture on it be washed off? What’s good for us after all the hard works we did?

Aliona told us those painted mugs will be baked in the oven . After one hour the paint on the mug will become porcelain . It will never be washed off!

I thought that will be fun!

But after I started working on the mug. I found it wasn’t as  fun and easy as I thought.

First of all, the hair of brush was very hard.  Not flexible at all.

Second, there were not many choices in colors. There were only green, red, blue and black.  If there is yellow, it could make a big difference.

Well! It is for Father’s  Day. I want to wish a father happiness. I should write “Happy Father’s day.”  It will be for my honey! So I should write in Chinese. “父親節快樂”  As you can see the strokes in those words are very complicated! With this flattop  rigid brush, they could take up all the space. That won’t show my true regards!

The writings turned out the ugliest ones I have ever had. I think even  a kindergartener could write better.


These two hearts are Peter and Myra!

B (4)

Two little hearts are our two sons.

B (5)

Those three flowers are our two daughter-in-laws and me.


The flower buds will be our dreaming great-granddaughters in the future!



After it came out of the oven, I think it wasn’t bad at all! Isn’t it?

Peter looked at the writing, he said:” The writing wasn’t bad at all! Actually, the brush and those very basic  colors are for kindergartens!”

I almost jumped out of my chair!

Then he said: “pictures are very meaningful!  Not bad! I like it very much. Thank you!”


C-9 Needle works –Part three–

  The kindergarten students were going to put up an one-act play. Syau Wen was going to be the flower girl.

Yu Wen was very proud of Syau Wen being chosen to be one of the players. But on the other hand, she was a little worried about the stage costume.

Back in 1940s, there was no department stories. No place you can buy clothes unless have the tailors to make one for you. Yu Wen remembered that Mr. Liu gave her the pink silk that left over from the pillows. With the white silk she had could be useful for making the costume. After Yu Wen drew a sketch in her mind she started cutting and sawing.

She used the pink silk to make the dress with two short fluffy sleeves. The white silk she used them for the collar and the edges of the sleeves. There was a piece of white strip in the middle of the dress from the collar all the way down the edge of the skirt. She made many white silk triangles to lace the collar, sleeves and white strip at the center of the dress.

Yu Wen worked the whole night until dawn. She was not tired at all. Her only concern was to dress Syau Wen like a real Flower girl. All she need to finish now was to put those buttons on and seam the edge of the skirt. Syau Wen came in to say good morning to her parents, she was surprised to see the beautiful pink dress hang on the wall. She thought she must be dreaming. The pink dress hanging on the wall must be a gift from Cinderella’s Godmother. When she found the dress was made by her mother, she thought her mother was even more power than Cinderella’s Godmother. Because there was not even one little white triangle on Cinderella’s dress. Her dress is more beautiful. It is fantastic! She wished the performance could be tonight, so she could wear it to let people know what a wonderful mother she has.

Finally the big date was here. Syau Wen wearing the dress her mother made, proudly walked out from the back stage. Holding a basket full of flower petals on her arm. with the other hand, she spread the petals onto the floor in front of the bride and bridegroom. With steady steps along with the music of Wedding March. Slowly she walked. She wanted her parents to see how good her perform is. She couldn’t help from looking at the audience. There she found them right in the first row. There was no stage fright because her mother was there with her. While show was on, the audience stood up and clapped loudly. Syau Wen thought her parents’ claps were the loudest.

There were a lots of mothers attracted by that pink dress, specially the style they’ve never seen before. They whispered to each other:”The dress that little girl wearing is so pretty. Where did they buy it?”

“Look at that flower girl! She spreading the petals seriously as if she is doing some scared work.”

” I wander whose girl is she?”

Yu Wen was so excited and so proud of her Syau Wen.. She was almost acted out an impulse to stand up to tell all the mothers “That’s my daughter!”

“C-10 Heroes at the war of Japanese invasion” os on it way–