Mission is completed

My mission is completed.
Everlasting Blossoms had posted its last chapter, the method  of “How to crochet the rose”.
I’m so anxious to see some Everlasting Blossoms post on your blogs, which will be worth of my mother’s goodwill and the expenditure of time and effort to compile the method of butterflies and direction of rose.


This heart shaped collage, I arranged four large pictures in the center purposely;
1.My mother’s in the middle. She was the author of those crocheted flowers, which my father named them “Everlasting Blossoms”

2.To her right was the very first “Rose of love” my mother
crocheted for my father.

3.Bellflowers was on her left. After my father died, my mother lost
her pillar of life and lost her interests in crochet completely. It
was these bellflowers that brought her back to crochet again. Thus, more new Everlasting blossoms and new butterflies were born.

4.This trophy was given by Taichung Main Library to appreciate
her for the Everlasting Blossoms classes she  taught. The trophy
says: to Mrs. Ho Lyan Yu Wen,
Pass down our folk art
Presented  by Ma Gang Heng,
Curator of Taiwan Tai-Chung Main Library
Year of Rep. of China 72(1783), March 20

All the other picture, each had a story in the book. If you are interested, please read from my “Everlasting Blossoms”.

Above all, my mother and I hope there will be more Everlasting Blossoms blooming  to make this world more beautiful and more cheerful.


F Unveil the Methods of Crochet Everlasting Blossom–One

< My mother used to say to her students; "The crochet foundation of Everlasting Blossom is Roses. If you know all the stitches as they were said in the directions by heart, and people identified the flower you crocheted was a beautiful rose. From then on you can create your own Everlasting Blossom. You've gotten the method of crochet Everlasting Blossom and the spirit of Everlasting Blossom!"

Symbols and abbreviations of stitches for rose:
*……single stitch–sc,
**….double stitch–dc
***..triple stitch–tric
+ increasing stitch–inc.
– decreasing–dec.
○……skip a stitch–sk.
●……slip stitch, move to the next stitch without adding height. Also used for join work–sl.
→….turn over towards.
To crochet with wire for flower petal and leaf and also for hemming the butterfly wings.

Before you start to crochet the rose, there are some important cues for you of how to crochet the wire in the petals and what should you do about those ends of yarns?
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Abundant Offer could not sway her

C-32.   –The first exhibition–seven–


This trophy was presented by Tai-Chung Main Library to  Yu Wen to  thank Yu Wen’s teaching at the library.










This trophy was presented by the students of the crochet class Yu Wen taught at theTai-chung Library.

Yu Wen met all kinds of visitors in those nine days. The first exhibition was a remarkable success. The news posted on all papers. Hwa Shr TV stations made three minutes interviewed in their noon news.

While the exhibition was on, Kwo Tai Life Insurance offered $3,000,000 NT. to buy all the Everlasting Blossom. It’s negotiable if Yu Wen was not pleased with the offering, but Yu Wen refused. Many of her friends and relatives felt deeply sorry for her refused such a good fortune.

But YU Wen said: “Money is good but could create problems as well! Crochet Everlasting Blossom is my hobby. I like to let people know that crochet hook or needle could be as good as painting brush. It could make life more beautiful, but my works are not merchandise.”

After the exhibition was over, the library asked Yu Wen to open a class to teach people how to crochet Everlasting Blossom. Yu Wen accepted. News spread out. So many people signed up for the class.  There were too many signed up for one classroom, so it ended up with two classrooms full for a three month session. Many of them were domestic teachers and art and craft teachers. Yu Wen spent a lot of time in writing the instructions to hand out in classes. The instructions included: “Rose, Dendrobium, peony and poinsettia”. In class, she walked around the room, back and forth between the desks. Explained every question and demonstrated how to work out.

After the three months session was finished, the library hold an Achievements Exhibition for the students. Yu Wen encouraged the students and said to them: “Actually you don’t have to do what I did. Since you know all the stitches that I taught you, just keeping on practicing crochet roses until you can make a good looking one eith out looking at the instruction then you’ll be able to create your own Everlasting Blossoms.”

The library manager asked Yu Wen to have some more classes. However Dz Yun could tell that Yu Wen was very tired after the session was over. If she kept on having more classes she’ll be exhausted. Nothing would be more valuable than the good health of his wife. He declined the invitation with great courtesy.

Yu Wen’s third son-in-law arranged an exhibition in Tai-Nan Library. The mayor of Tai-Nan, Su Nan Cheng cut the ribbon on the Inauguration of exhibition. Mayor Su Nan Cheng came to Yu Wen’s Exhibition in his busy days, it was such an honor for Yu Wen that worth to remember for life. She presented one of her beloved bouquet with vase to Mayor Su to show her appreciation.

There were exhibitions held in other cities in Taiwan. Praises and appreciation heard in every one!

Rose, the Second Generation Everlasting Blossoms


Li-Fen, my sweet caregiver!

She had never crocheted anything but shoelace!

One day she looked at my book “Everlasting Blossoms”,  the Chinese edition. Attracted  by the picture on the cover page. I told her those flowers even the frogs, the dragonfly and the little bug were hand crocheted. she was amazed and said:”How big are they?” I said:” Life size.”  She just couldn’t believe it!

“Would you like to crochet a rose?” I was half teasing her. I know she  can only crochet a shoelace!

But surprisingly her answer was:” I surely would like to try only if you  like to teach me.”

“How can I? With only one hand?” But I give a second thought and asked her: ” Do you know what is single crochet, double crochet?  What is skip? slip ?  How to add a stitch?”

“I know what is single crochet, double crochet,. but the others….”  She was a little discouraged.

Poor Li Fen’s face moved me.

“OK! First let’s make a shoelace with 15 chins. Then it turn over make 4 single crochet 6 double crochet and than 4 single crochet.” She did it!

I checked on what she did.

“Wow! Nice and even”

She looked very happy when she heard what I’ve said.  Her face looked bright!

“Now, turn it over and make two chins and 4 double crochet, then at the same hole of the 4th double crochet, make another double crochet, then you have added one double crochet.”

She looked a little puzzled again.

I do have one hand.  Do I?  So I told her to hold the ends with her two hands. I tried to poke the crochet hook into the right place. I did it! But trying to pull the yarn out of  thehole………..!

Quickly Li Fen understood what I wanted to do. There she practiced to add 2 stitch even 3 stitches.

Skip, is easy! She got it right away.  But slip, Puzzled again! We struggled for a while. Finally She got them all!

These were very basic skill. It took us more than an hour.

From then on, I read the instruction, Li Fen crochet.. One month later, rose, the second generation “Everlasting Blossom” was born.