Rose, the Second Generation Everlasting Blossoms


Li-Fen, my sweet caregiver!

She had never crocheted anything but shoelace!

One day she looked at my book “Everlasting Blossoms”,  the Chinese edition. Attracted  by the picture on the cover page. I told her those flowers even the frogs, the dragonfly and the little bug were hand crocheted. she was amazed and said:”How big are they?” I said:” Life size.”  She just couldn’t believe it!

“Would you like to crochet a rose?” I was half teasing her. I know she  can only crochet a shoelace!

But surprisingly her answer was:” I surely would like to try only if you  like to teach me.”

“How can I? With only one hand?” But I give a second thought and asked her: ” Do you know what is single crochet, double crochet?  What is skip? slip ?  How to add a stitch?”

“I know what is single crochet, double crochet,. but the others….”  She was a little discouraged.

Poor Li Fen’s face moved me.

“OK! First let’s make a shoelace with 15 chins. Then it turn over make 4 single crochet 6 double crochet and than 4 single crochet.” She did it!

I checked on what she did.

“Wow! Nice and even”

She looked very happy when she heard what I’ve said.  Her face looked bright!

“Now, turn it over and make two chins and 4 double crochet, then at the same hole of the 4th double crochet, make another double crochet, then you have added one double crochet.”

She looked a little puzzled again.

I do have one hand.  Do I?  So I told her to hold the ends with her two hands. I tried to poke the crochet hook into the right place. I did it! But trying to pull the yarn out of  thehole………..!

Quickly Li Fen understood what I wanted to do. There she practiced to add 2 stitch even 3 stitches.

Skip, is easy! She got it right away.  But slip, Puzzled again! We struggled for a while. Finally She got them all!

These were very basic skill. It took us more than an hour.

From then on, I read the instruction, Li Fen crochet.. One month later, rose, the second generation “Everlasting Blossom” was born.