Mission is completed

My mission is completed.
Everlasting Blossoms had posted its last chapter, the method  of “How to crochet the rose”.
I’m so anxious to see some Everlasting Blossoms post on your blogs, which will be worth of my mother’s goodwill and the expenditure of time and effort to compile the method of butterflies and direction of rose.


This heart shaped collage, I arranged four large pictures in the center purposely;
1.My mother’s in the middle. She was the author of those crocheted flowers, which my father named them “Everlasting Blossoms”

2.To her right was the very first “Rose of love” my mother
crocheted for my father.

3.Bellflowers was on her left. After my father died, my mother lost
her pillar of life and lost her interests in crochet completely. It
was these bellflowers that brought her back to crochet again. Thus, more new Everlasting blossoms and new butterflies were born.

4.This trophy was given by Taichung Main Library to appreciate
her for the Everlasting Blossoms classes she  taught. The trophy
says: to Mrs. Ho Lyan Yu Wen,
Pass down our folk art
Presented  by Ma Gang Heng,
Curator of Taiwan Tai-Chung Main Library
Year of Rep. of China 72(1783), March 20

All the other picture, each had a story in the book. If you are interested, please read from my “Everlasting Blossoms”.

Above all, my mother and I hope there will be more Everlasting Blossoms blooming  to make this world more beautiful and more cheerful.



C-11.Settled Down in Taiwan -Part seven -culture shock

After they landed at Tainan air port on the southern part of Taiwan, the Ho family were headed to Yu-Gwang Village, a small town at the very southern part of Taiwan. Dz Yun and his family stay there until Dz Yun appointed to his new job.

On their way to their destination Yu-Gwang Village, they saw lots of green bushes with beautiful red flowers in them. The long pistils of those flowers hanging down from the center like tassels. All the petals turned upwards and curled like a ball . The whole flower looked like a cute little lantern with a tassel dangling in the air and swinging with the gentle breeze. Syau Wen thought they were lanterns waving by lots of invisible fairs. They were welcoming the new arrivals.

The fresh air smelled sweet. The sunlight feels so good. Birds tweeting along with the cheerful sound made by the flowing acequia water. What a beautiful and peaceful scenery.

Taiwan was totally an unfamiliar place even the language is so different. It’s like a foreign country to these new comers. The discrepancy caused some humorous happening to Yu Wen.

For these new comers’ convenience, there was a convenience store supplied almost all kinds of daily necessaries. The first day when Yu Wen visited the store, she found toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, soap, soya sauce, salt, cooking oil, rice, even rice-cooker, wok and cooking utensils. She was so happy that she can be a real house wife again!

While Yu Wen was walking around the store, she smelled something sweet in the air. Yu Wen loved sweets! She looked around to search for the source of that sweetness. Finally she found there was a big bamboo weaved basket. A big pile of small brown cookies, powdered with some creamy colored powders on the surface. She bended down to smell them. Yes! That’s it! She thought these cookies must made with lots of brown sugar. Those creamy colored power should be coconut’s powder. “My! I’ll have some real treat today.” She thought. The price tag said $1.00 for five pieces! What a deal! With 5 pieces of that cookie in one hand, a dollar bill in the other, she went over to the lady behind the counter. As soon as she got one hand free, she picked up one of the cookies and started to put it toward her mouth. The lady behind the counter screamed in her loudest: “NO! NO! That’s soap for heavy greasy stuff. They were made with alkali and gleditsia and rice bran.”

The cookie frozen half way in the air! Everybody stared at Yu Wen quietly. She put down that cookie together with the other four. Seriously she said:”My great gracious! It’s a good thing that I couldn’t wait till I get home to taste it. Otherwise not only bubbles will coming out from my mouth, my internal will be well washed.” Everybody burst out laughing

One day while Yu Wen was cooking, she found out she needed some green onion, A greengrocer come by. She went out to see if there was any green onion. It happened that Yu Wen didn’t have any small bill that day. She handed him a $10 dollar bill. The onion only worth for 14 cent. She was waiting for her change. Yu Wen was worried about the cooking on the stove. So she said ” Hurry up! Hurry up! I have something cooking on the stove.” The greengrocer said “Thank you very much!” Instead of give Yu Wen the change, he picked up his shoulder pole and ready to leave.

“Waite a minute! You’ve not give me the change yet? ” Yu Wen called out loud!

The greengrocer said: ” You said  “It’s OK! It’s OK!”

— “C12. Rose, The Flower of Love” is on it’s way–


C-11.Settled Down in Taiwan -Part 0ne –


Not too long after the war with the Japanese was over, it began the civil war with the Chinese communist party. The Chinese Air Force in Syi-An decided to withdraw to Sz-Chwan. This news influenced the situation. It went back to the time before the Victory. People started to try to get out of their homes and move to some cities that was not occupied by the Communists. Some people were take advantage of the national crisis to make fortune. Dz Yun’s working unite was a Electronic communication equipments station. As a director of the station, he should keep every single item in stock correctly stored, check every issued item that matched the requisition, make sure the number of incoming items be correctly received. But a few days before they withdrew to Sz-Chwan, Dz Yun found out some un-matched numbers on the records. He checked with his staff but they all declared their hands were clean. He knew those missing items were taken by some of his staff.

Some of those communication equipment were rather too big to be transferred to Sz Chwan. Those items will be left behind like presents for the communist. Dz Yun surely would not see anything happen like that. Yet he hated to see those speculators take advantage.

One day, Dz Yun told his staff to move all the big items which could not be transported to Sz Chwan out of the warehouse and put them in a big open area. The staff were wondering why did their director told them to do so. Some thought may be their director changed his mind now. May be he gathered all these items together for the buyers easier to choose the ones they like. They were very happy that Mr. Ho straighten out his thinking finally.

That evening after everybody went home, Dz Yun dumped some gas on those equipment, lit the match and burned them all.

Even Dz Yun had burned those equipments which could not be shipped, but after they settled down in Taiwan, it was rumored that Ho Dz Yun covered his richness with destitute. The actuality was he brought a bucket of gold with him from Syi An. When rumor came to Yu Wen, She just laughed at it. Because she knew it was preposterous. She grew in money but never attached to money. To her, if put money and conscience on the scale, conscience will be far more heavier than gold. Her husband who cherish the same ideals and takes the same course with her. How blessed she is.

– To be continued –