How do thread my tatting needle

Many people were questioning me,  how do I tatting? How do thread the tatting needle?My answer was:  “If anyone who can thread the tatting needle,  will be able to do tatting”

  1. first of all, I have to hold the needle to get the thread ready.  %e6%8b%bf%e9%87%9db

  2. Thread the needle


  1. Hold the needle with clamps, then start the work


Sometimes I have I have to hold the needle with my third hand!



Angle — tatting


I found this instruction on Youtube.  It looked very nice with that bead head.  But I could not get the right sized bead for the head.

I tried with the tatting head without the right number of stitches. It didn’t work out very well.


Do you think the head for the white angle is a little too small?

It is too late for the redo!  I’ll tat more stitches next time.

A challenge!  I love the challenge!

What is that for?


When my very first tatting flower was almost finished, my caregiver asked me; “What is that for?” Suddenly I could not answer her question. She was right! What was it for? What could such a little tiny crochet thread flower for?

But I was drawn in my own happiness!

After all these years, I was a little disappointed with myself because with one hand I could not tatting anymore.  Here I am with a thread tatted flower in my hand!

What am I going to do with it? I asked myself.  It took only a few minutes to finish this little flower. Now it took me three hours working with so many tools.  I used tatting anywhere I went, now I must work at home!

To lace my clothes? No! I won’t do that. I can’t make even my own clothes anymore!

Noteword’s bookmark flashed through my mind. I knew it won’t be so easy. The thread may be tangled! But it is worth to try!  I knew I won’t tat one as beautiful and fancy as her piece! But whatever I tat, it will be my masterpiece!

Here is my half way finished bookmark!



A new step to a new but old craft!


I thought I’ll never be able to tat anymore.

Until a few days ago, Jackie, Netting with Heart posted a video:” Needle Tatting” “” It brought me some hope!

Right away I went to Michael’s and Beverley’s to look for tatting needles.  But all they have was big fat crochet needle! Anyway, I bought one.

With clamp and tweezers, I started TATTING! My heartbeats went faster!

When the very first circle was done, you can imagine how happy I was. Even it was just a small circle, it was the very first one I ever dreamed in 15 years after my stroke. I thought I would never be able to tat the rest of my life. Here I am, with a small circle I tatted. It was the very first big step of mine towards tatting dream again!

I took picture of ever step I tatted. They were my world records of tatting again. I want to keep  those happy moments of how I started my most favorite craft again, the craft I thought I’ll never be able to do anymore.