I rather like our other mom

I rather like my other mom!

Our first son was not too healthy, needed to visit doctor very often or hospitalized sometime. I have to take off often because of that. When he was 2yeard-old, our second son was coming I quit my job and become a fulltime mother.  Then my world was circling around kits, cocking and housework.

I was not too pretty. Now stay home who cares dress-up, no time to put on lipstick.  Sometimes even forgot to wash my face! No time go to the beauty salon. I became an unkempt house lady!

My honey, Peter was an oceangoing ship quartermaster, tall and smart!  After we married, I took him to visit my boss, the principal of a girl college. When we pass by classrooms, so many girls came out of the classrooms and stare at us. No! rather say stare at Peter! When I went back to work after our honey-moon vacation, some student came up to me and ask.;” Dose your husband have a brother?” Some thought I hit the lottery!

One day after shopping on my way home, a neighbor’s little girl saw me, politely greeted me;” hello granny!”

“WHAT?” I was only 32!

After I got home and looked at the mirror and talked to myself;” Peter is coming home soon. For welcome him home I should make myself looking nice and cheerful not looking like a granny! Cosmetic may help a little. I believe!

So, I went to a max factor store. I got dizzy when I looked at those unfamiliar furnishings at the showcase.

Until the beautiful young lady behind the dressing table kindly asking;” How can help you?”

I struggled out of my dizziness and bought lipstick, eyebrow pencil, Eye Shadow, and Pressed powder.  That’s all the cosmetics I knew! But I’ve only used lipstick and pressed powder.

The boys were not home yet. I began to putting those cosmetics on

I washed my face first then put cream on, Pressed powde and Lipstick.

Eye shadow. Eye shadow?  I guess that should put around my eyes.

Eyebrow pencil. That really gave hard time! I can never draw a pair! There were hundreds of re-dos until the skin of the eyebrow got red.

I heard the running steps from yard. The boys are home.

I went to the door. Smiled at them. Asking, “How do I look? Do you like it?”

They both looked puzzled. In unison they answered,: I rather like our other mom.”


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