How to make a Christmas Wreath


Finally, I found the instruction of how to make a wreath for Christmas Wreath.  It tells step by step, very clearly and very easy to follow.  Never mind the Chinese instruction.  Just do as the pictures showed. You will make it. I guaranty!

















11 thoughts on “How to make a Christmas Wreath

  1. This looks like a great idea Myra. I’m going to have a go with my granddaughters to see if we can do it! I hope you are well. Kirsty had an operation last week and is now recovering. They managed to glue 75% of the bleed area but not 100% so they are looking at options to reduce the risk for the other 25% without having to go in and remove it because it’s too deep seated. So far so good with her recovery so thank you for your prayers – she is in a better place than she was and still a way to go! I hope you are well Myra? Much love Wendy xx

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    1. I’m so happy to know everything is go well with Kirsty.
      It won’t be too hard to make the wreath if you follow the pictures. After it’s finished, you can decorate it the way want!

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