This is one kind of the butterflies that my mother crocheted with  thread sized yarn and #12 crochet hook.

This butterfly’s size is as big as the life one.  it’s about 2in wide and 1.5in high.


3 thoughts on “butterfly

  1. My Dear, First of all, I want to know the name of the person who is writing the post. For me, it establishes a ‘connection’ between Us. Do give us Your Name.

    When I clicked on Your site, I was directed to C-11, etc, and wanted to write that some photographs or pictures would be Very Welcome there. I read just the first one on the page. Very Moving account.

    Searching for Your About, came across Your ‘Everlasting Blossoms.’ I Really thought the Butterfly was Real. It is Very Well done indeed. Your Mother is a superb Artist. Hearty Congratulations to her, and Thank You for Sharing.

    The Crotchet work of the Flowers is Exquisite too. Lovely.

    Hearty Regards and Love. 🙂

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    1. I’m thrilled when I read your comment!
      Thank you so much for interested in my blog.
      My name is Myra. Ho is my maiden’s last name and Chang is my married last name.
      I tried to space them but for some reason the wordpress didn’t like it!
      I’m impressed that you like the butterfly and the flowers my mother crocheted. I’m sure she is smiling in heaven right now and very happy the her art is sustained.
      There will be more Everlasting Blossoms and butterflies on their way in the following chapters.
      Hope to read your comment in every one of them.

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      1. Thank You, my Dear Myra, for sharing all that.

        I am really Impressed by Your Mother’s Crochet work. Such Intricate work can only come from a Calm and Very Peaceful mind.

        Yes, We may be Sure Our Saintly Mothers are Smiling at Us from Heaven, and Blessing Us!

        Love and Regards. 🙂

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