HURRART ! I am home again!

I lost my home Key and locked myself out of my blog for two days as a homeless blogger! I can only looking in the window listen to my friends talking to me, but no way to let them know that heard them. Say,  panic and angry with myself. Stupid me can’t even reset my password!

I went to the public library today asked one of one of those lovely volunteer young students. A young lady watched me over step by step to reset my pass word. She said if copy and paste the new pass word you set……….

Hurray! voila! I made it!

It’s wonderful to be home again!

Long live those lovely young volunteers*!

* They are a group of young students come to the public library volunteerly on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm. to help us seniors with cell phones, ipads, lap-tops .  They are Sweet and patiently.

Each of us left the library with a big smile!


31 thoughts on “HURRART ! I am home again!

  1. Hi: Sorry I have been out of touch myself, had a very stressful week, but hopefully it will get better, but it may be longer than I thought before I can reply to your post but thank you for sending them I am reading them as I can and I will get back to you on them, it is such a great story. I’m so glad you got help at the library today, so nice to know that people are raising their children right and encouraging them to give back to their community and to help others. I’ll be back to you soon, KC ( lady you met crocheting at Kaiser)

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    • Wow! It’so nice to see you on my blog! I’m glad I was able to open my door so i can see you. Thank you so much for interested in my story. I need your input, comments, suggestions and proofreading.


    • Karen, I’m so happy to see you on my blog. I believe that was you who made the view record on that day!
      I’m a little busy these couple days too. I am so grateful that even when you were so busy, you drop by my blog! Thank you for your support.
      I’ll sent you more till I receive your further notice.
      Hope soon you will set up your blog, So I can visit you there.
      Happy Thanksgiving!


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